Junie Swadron
Your Life Matters, by Junie Swadron

YOUR LIFE MATTERS! 8 Simple Steps to Writing Your Story

Do you want to write your story but don’t know where to begin?

Let me guess: You get excited about the thought of writing your life stories, but then, a voice inside your head stops you cold, saying things like, “Who would read it? What could I possibly teach others? Besides, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.”

With Your Life Matters! Junie Swadron has written a book about human transformation, and she uses her reader’s pen and life story to accomplish this evolutionary task. As an author, psychotherapist, and writing coach, Junie Swadron has guided writers and authors to write their life stories for more than thirty years. Her books, Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives and Write Where You Are, have helped thousands of writers move through fear and writer’s block.

Your life matters, and your life stories matter too! Are you an entrepreneur with a great product, service, and brand? You need to get it out there in the world with your book! There’s nothing like having a published book to give you credibility.

How do you want to write your life stories? You could approach your project chronologically, from birth to where you are today, with all the wisdom you have gleaned along the way. Or, you could organize around themes—travel experiences, career, marriage, and children, spirituality, illness, times you were stronger than you thought, transitions and crossroads, teachers and mentors—it can all be done.

The main thing is that Your Life Matters and that you find a way to honour your life so that you can see how every story you have ever lived has come wrapped in gifts and lessons, ready to be transformed and integrated. I can show you how to write from the most empowered, joyous place within you so that you’ll be proud to celebrate your legacy out loud—with family and friends or with a wider audience at your book launch!

In Your Life Matters! you will learn how to:

  • Inspire others with the wisdom you’ve attained in your lifetime
  • Achieve your life-long dream of writing your memoir or sharing your entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Bust through your blocks and write with confidence and ease with eight easy steps
  • Free yourself from your painful past at last by unleashing your authentic voice
  • Allow the hard lessons life has given you to become your greatest gifts

Pick up Junie’s book and then pick up your pen and start writing your life stories today!

  • “I never thought it could feel so simple. Junie’s book is truly an inspiration. I was compelled to keep reading as I was drawn onward through the easy steps as I put pen to paper. Best of all, it feels like she is still right here with me, supporting me with every stroke of the pen as I write, recognize, and know that my life matters.” Donna E. Frances

  • “For those with a burning desire to write their memoir, Junie torches every negative emotion, cuts through the harsh inner critic who sets up our self-imposed obstacles, and then she illuminates the pathway to liberation. Junie sets the stage for the freedom to reveal the life stories that will make a fabulously interesting journey of self-discovery for the writer as well as the reader. Brilliant!”Judith Rockert

  • “Like an angel, Junie Swadron embraces you all the way on this challenging terrain of finding your voice and tackling your toughest fears. And like magic, your cocooned story is ready to emerge.”Alissa Friedman

  • “Junie Swadron has written a book about human transformation, and she uses her reader’s pen and life story to accomplish this evolutionary task. But first, she courageously shows you the way by sharing her own intimately profound teaching moments with every practical step in her excellent guide on how to write a memoir. Only you can write about your truth because only you have lived it. And only Swadron can show you how to do it with humor, vulnerable strength, and fabulous style.”Catherine Hendrich

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