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Day 6: Passion, Purpose, and Highest Potential — Stepping Up!

Are there moments now and again when you have a deep yearning inside, a longing that you don’t even know how to define? You don’t know what it’s about because you have long since forgotten your dream? You just know you’re not happy so you search to find more meaning in your life. Perhaps you take more courses, read more books, leave relationships, and try new ones. You move from where you live, find a different job, and maybe now you’ll be happy.

Have you ever had a dream, a deep desire to have something, do something, or simply to live in a way that you believe would truly fulfil you? Do you still have that dream? Has it come true? Are you living your life the way you imagined it? If not, what happened? Do you imagine your dream to be too far out of reach with too many roadblocks such as time constraints, unsupportive relationships, parents’ expectations, not enough money, etcetera?

Perhaps you have convinced yourself that those kinds of dreams happen to other people, not you. That’s what movies and fairy tales are made of, not real life! Has anyone ever said to you, “Stop daydreaming and get to work!” So, you shake off the dream, laugh a little at yourself for being so silly, and walk towards a safer path, a less complicated one, the one with fewer risks. The path that offers stability and security. And your life is okay, but something is still missing. You’re still not happy, satisfied, or fulfilled.

Many of you have had these kinds of experiences. You search and search to weave back the threads of the dream but don’t know how to do it or where to begin. Perhaps you have forgotten the fundamental truth that everything is created first from the inside. And then you remember the universal law that whatever you think about the most is what you create. If you focus on your dream without resisting it, you can bring it into your reality.

When you were really little, you knew how to dream. And there were no limits. You may have had imaginary playmates and imagined big, happy colour-filled fantasies full of adventure and music and excitement. You were spontaneous, living moment to moment. When you were happy you would sing or dance. When you were hurt or angry you would cry or stomp your feet. At this tender age, you weren’t concerned about social mores and principles. And, you continued to play and pretend. Your creativity soared. Some of you may still remember this. Or perhaps you can’t even imagine this was your experience. It’s so far away from the reality you have come to know and believe about yourself. But when you observe small children playing, totally free in their expression, remember, you too were that little child once.

Those too were your beginnings. Perhaps you went in a different direction as you learned to be responsible, forgetting to dream or play. If you have stopped feeling your passion, or living your purpose and highest potential, today’s the day we’re bringing that back.

Get ready to reach beyond the stars and into the deep and vast mystery of Life Itself. Here you will have a new appreciation for something much larger, much kinder, and even much simpler, that’s prompting you every moment of the day. As we prepare to meditate, simply let go and know that your future begins now as you align with that greater part of yourself and are reawakened into the realm of All Possibilities.

You are that child in the garden playing hopscotch with the sun on your face and giggles in your belly!

Now, let’s meditate.

In preparation for this guided meditation, please gather your journal or notebook, pen, and a glass of water and put them beside you, ready to hydrate and write when the meditation is over.

So, journal and pen ready. Get yourself comfortable. Make sure you’ll be undisturbed for the next 30 minutes. Here’s today’s meditation:

Action step: 
Take a drink of water, set your timer for 10 minutes, and Write Where You Are.

Part One: Describe where your imagination took you in the meditation, as you lived your passion, your purpose, and your highest potential.

Part Two: “The ways I intend to step up and make this vision a reality are…”

Action step: Go to our Facebook group and share your aha moments with the group, and remember to read and respond to the others taking this journey alongside you.

See you in the group, and see you back in your inbox tomorrow!

All blessings,

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