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Day 5: Creative Self Expression — Our Greatest Gift from the Universe

Creative expression is what makes our spirit soar. It is innately who we are; we are creative beings. We are born with the gift of imagination. Images and ideas spring seemingly from out of nowhere, and there are no limits to where our imagination can take us.

Creativity is the opening for the human heart to transform pain and anguish into brilliant paintings, musical scores, landscaped gardens, outstanding novels, photographs, plays, sculptures and every other art form imaginable.

Creativity can transform suffering into beauty, which can then prevent a person from dying (too often literally) with their song still inside them. When you lose your impulse to create, something inside of you slowly begins to die. Sometimes it feels like you’ll never get it back because you have stopped believing in yourself or there isn’t anyone in your life to inspire and encourage you.

You have an opportunity today to say “NO!” to all limiting beliefs that have swayed you away from your divine creative expression — your inherent birthright! Then you get to say an emphatic “YES!” to creating from your innate, unlimited pool of possibilities. It’s never too late to start again if you have slowed down or stopped. It’s only too late after your last breath has been taken. Do not die with your song still inside you. You have every reason to wake up in the morning like a bright-eyed child who can hardly wait to go outside to play and discover all the treasures that await her.

What do you love to do that perhaps you have stopped doing? Has it been so long that you don’t even remember? What takes you out of time, where you are involved in an activity that has your complete attention and you are simply in the flow with it? Do you remember what it feels like to look at your watch and be surprised at how much time has passed? This is what happens when you are immersed in your joy.

Now, let’s meditate.

In preparation for this guided meditation, please gather your journal or notebook, pen, and a glass of water and put them beside you, ready to hydrate and write when the meditation is over.

So, journal and pen ready. Please get yourself comfortable. Make sure you’ll be undisturbed for the next 30 minutes. Here’s today’s meditation:

Action step:
Take a drink of water, set your timer for 10 minutes, and Write Where You Are. Today’s writing is written in first person present tense. Describe yourself doing your art. Whatever that is — as though it is happening right now.

Action step: Go to our Facebook group and share your aha moments with the group, and remember to read and respond to the others taking this journey alongside you.

See you in the group, and see you back in your inbox tomorrow!

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