Day 1: Going Naked — Standing In Your Truth

I’m Junie Swadron and I am honoured and delighted to be your guide during this 7-Day Write Where You Are Challenge, where writing from the heart can open up a whole new world for you.

Today’s topic is: Going Naked — Standing In Your Truth. What does it mean to go naked and stand in your truth?

For me it means standing in integrity, aligned with my soul’s expression of my highest potential and living from that place. The reward of this is an ability to respond to people and situations with unwavering confidence that allows me to establish boundaries and backbone grounded in kindness and respect for myself and others.

Going naked also means allowing ourselves to become vulnerable, intentionally removing masks that have disguised how we really feel.

Perhaps your voice has been silenced for a long time. Perhaps you have been afraid to speak honestly because of something that happened years ago where you were not accepted for who you are — where you were criticized, judged, possibly even punished if you spoke out. So you learned to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. You learned to be silent.

Although going naked is a vulnerable place to be, it is also an authentic place to be. It means that even if others will not like what you have to say or be surprised by your new boldness, you are willing to stand tall in your truth.

This takes courage for sure and requires you to offer deep compassion to the you who had to bear being quiet, when all along you had things you yearned to express. It was just too scary when you weighed it against being loved, fitting in, keeping your friends — without realizing what it might be costing you.

In today’s lesson, “going naked” is about reclaiming your true voice — delving into shadows to rebirth the light and moving you along the path of resurrection that brings about closure to a life of silence.

It is you calling your spirit back home and into the light of love and truth that shall set you free.

You are standing on a precipice of a brand-new life. Are you ready to leap off the ledge of silence and open your parachute to a life steeped with new confidence, knowing deep in your heart it is your elixir to freedom? A net of unconditional self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love?

It doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a process that calls for patience, commitment and faith. And starting. Showing up. And you have! Congratulations for being here with me.

It takes a lot of courage to step into unfamiliar territory, willing to stand tall, making yourself matter most, ready to embrace all the lost, insecure parts of you that have been floundering. Know as you do this, as you take this path, your personal, unique voice is liberating you to enter into the vastness of all that you are and The Universe will support your every step.

Every slow, even tentative, yet deliberate step welcoming you to live the highest expression of yourself out loud.

Now, let’s meditate.

In preparation for this guided meditation that will invite you into a heart-space for writing, please gather your journal or notebook, pen, and a glass of water and put them beside you, ready to hydrate and write when the meditation is over.

It would be best to keep a special notebook or journal just for these seven days, in order to become aware of your progress. You will begin to see how each day builds upon the one before with new personal awareness, insights and aha moments that will anchor in new found truths inside of you, ready to be expressed in the world, in conversations at home, with friends and loved ones.

You are taking a new stand. One aha at a time!

So, please have your journal and pen ready. Get yourself comfortable, and make sure you will be undisturbed for the next 30 minutes. Here’s the audio recording of today’s meditation:

Action step:
Take a drink of water, set your timer for 10 minutes, and Write Where You Are. “When I am willing to go naked and stand in my authentic truth, I . . . “

Action step: How did it go? Please come on over to our private Facebook group and share your insights from today, and I’ll see you back in your inbox tomorrow!

All blessings,

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