Congratulations for saying YES to this complimentary 21-Day Writing Challenge for all writers – both seasoned and novices – those who want to deepen and nourish their writing muscle and for those tentatively stepping in to experience what it is like – as well as everyone in between.

This challenge isn’t just about putting words on paper; they are your words, the ones that matter, the ones that you may not even know yet but discover once your pen touches the paper or fingers to keyboard. Using provocative prompts, you will be inspired to write into your heart space and uncover what may have been hidden for a long time. Conversely, you may take the prompt and find poetry or prose flowing out of your pen, song lyrics or ideas for projects. We never know what will surface, and that’s the beauty of writing without a bunch of rules stifling our creative flow. Instead, we simply allow the writing to do the writing – we write where we are.  Here, you find your true, authentic voice that will deepen and grow with every successive day. And you are not alone – you are taking the challenge in a community of writers like yourself – and if you choose to use the Private FaceBook page, especially for the 21-Day Challenge participants, you can share your writings or your process or offer and receive support as you go.  

To help you get started:  Be READY – Come to your writing table prepared to write for 20 minutes each day. I suggest you take a walk afterward to reflect and let what you just wrote percolate and integrate. Walking is also a highly recommended self-care activity at any time – and in this case, it will deepen your experience with your writing and deepen your awareness about yourself!  

Soon you will be adopting my motto:

“The sweet whisperings of your soul meets you on the page, and something shifts.
You strengthen, you begin to stand taller.
Then one day, you begin to notice that
your voice on the page
has become your voice in the world.”
Junie Swadron


(Excerpt from “Re-Write You Life”)  

There’s nothing like having an inviting, friendly, beautiful writing space to inspire you every day. It does not have to be big, just welcoming. Make it personal. Make it yours. Light a candle. Place your favourite essential oil in your diffuser. Bring in freshly picked spring flowers, precious stones, shells you collected on the beach, crystals, a meaningful prayer or affirmation, or anything else that will make your writing space special and feel home to you.  You may also want to put a photo on your writing desk or next to your computer of a special person or pet and imagine them smiling at you as you write. (Pets do too smile!)

Conversely, you may want to keep it very simple and not have anything or only one or two things in your personal writing space. For some, having special items may be distracting.

Also, tell your family what you are doing and ask them to please respect your new writing area and the times that you are writing. It only requires 20 minutes a day.

Day One
May 5, 2024

The best time to start writing is right after you wake up… before you get stuck in the mire of the to-do lists. This is when our mind and heart are the most open and receptive. If you MUST take the challenge and write later in the day, then that’s ok too. Just do your best. The most important thing is that you write. 

Today, we are starting out with four of my favourite questions:  This is a favourite exercise of mine; it can help us become crystal clear about how we want to bring writing into our hearts and lives.

Write each of the following four questions down and answer each question ten times. Take the time to listen deeply and write down what you hear. If the same answer arises for you more than once, it just means it is indeed important to you.

Although these questions may seem straightforward, your answers may surprise you: 

Regarding writing, what do I want?
Regarding writing, what do I need?
Regarding writing, what do I fear?
Regarding writing, what do I hope for?

If you have any questions, be sure to ask me and feel free to share your answers or comment about how the process worked for you in the Facebook Group (link below) .

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You have completed Day One of the 21 day challenge!

You will receive tomorrow’s writing prompt on this page and in our private Facebook group by 10:00 am PST. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow! As always, please leave a comment below or join us at the Write Where You Are 21 Day Challenge Private Facebook Group.

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