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A Sacred Path to New Beginnings

Every story, no matter how painful,
can become the elixir of healing, transformation, and ultimately joy!

Re-Write Your Life is an 8-week workshop that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past so you can rejoice in your life today.

All of us have experienced heartbreak, regrets, and sorrow in our lives. Some people cannot seem to get past those things. They are not able to let go of the pain, live in fear, are unhappy, and do not move forward.

Yet many people with seemingly insurmountable burdens move on to live joyful, meaningful, and fulfilled lives in spite of their history.

Re-Write Your Life teaches you how to be one of these people.

No matter where you are now, no matter how much pain you are in, no matter how stuck you may be, when you follow this profound, and proven step-by-step process your life will transform in wondrous ways.

Watch these videos and then read below to discover what you will receive when you register.

[NEW: Check out Re-Write Your Life as a self-paced online course!]

 In this 8-Week Sacred Writing Circle you will:

  • Set an intention to fully and completely find peace with your past

  • Be part of a healing circle where everyone shares his or her stories and is listened to with respect, compassion, and reverence

  • Identify the hurt parts of you that have been afraid to let go and learn how to move forward with self-compassion

  • Learn a powerful forgiveness technique to fully forgive yourself and everyone who you perceive has hurt you

  • Write many of the significant stories that have had an impact on your life and use memory prompts to help to remember details

  • No longer have the need to tell your “war” stories over and over again, because you will have identified the gifts that every story has come to teach you and can now offer these gifts to others

  • Use my book Re-Write Your Life to work with during the class and use as a guide at home

  • Learn how to take yourself less seriously. In other words, to not “sweat the small stuff” and consequently have more joy in your life

  • Understand that life is not a dress rehearsal and choose to learn and grow from the past in order to celebrate every new day!

  • Have a written legacy for your family or friends that can be turned into a book for publication should you wish

  • Join my Author Support Group that will guide you through this next process

By the end of the course you will have woven each of your rich, significant life circumstances into the autobiography of your sacred story that signifies your essence, your truth and your life.

Watch the video below to hear some of the stories that have been transformed through
Re-Write Your Life:

 “I have recently had the pleasure and the blessing to work individually with Junie Swadron, my dear friend and fellow Spiritual Warrior. I signed up for 1-on-1 coaching for Re-write Your Life. From beginning to end Junie creates a sacred, loving, supportive, and fun atmosphere to do this important inner transformational work. Junie listened and has a remarkable intuition to what might be next for me if I didn’t see it myself. I had some serious fears around my abilities as a writer before I began and Junie helped me get over them with her encouraging words and deep level of experience with this kind of work. I highly recommend everyone wanting a deeper understanding of self, and our connection to each other to work with Junie and ‘Re-Write Your Life”.

Kevin McGinn, Victoria, BC

“Sacred Stories was such an amazing experience for me. To write my stories was transforming and afterwards to have the opportunity to share the stories with the group as my benevolent witnesses was a powerful and incredible experience. It is such a gentle and respectful way to work with the painful parts and a wonderful way to celebrate all of what life is. June is a fabulous facilitator, warm, gentle and wise. I am going to give the stories to my children when they are older. It is absolutely the best gift I have given myself in years!”

Anne Tucker

“I had no idea that writing my life stories would allow me to sift through the contents of my life to find all that is truly precious about this journey. I have moved from a place of not valuing my own life’s experiences to understanding that I am on a wonderful and sacred path. Writing has brought me to a place of peace and joy.”

Nan Campbell

“I had been blocked for years. My stories have needed to be told . . . to be unburdened. I am living with so much more vitality and truth. I am celebrating my life. All of it. My God, I thank you!”

Catherine Friedberg-Vallederes

“Hi June, I have to tell you about the most amazing things that are happening. When I heard my inner voice last summer say, “This is stress,” that was all I needed to know. My doctors are dealing with my Parkinson’s disease, I’m dealing with stress. After that, I looked on the internet for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and found many of the symptoms were the same as Parkinson’s. I am attributing a lot of the improvement I am feeling these days to your class. Reading and writing my stories, addressing the pain from my past, is getting it out of my system and I am feeling so much better. Your class is having a significant impact on my physical and emotional health. Thank you.”

Deborah Hawkey

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Check out Re-Write Your Life as a self-paced online course!

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