Candid Interview with Junie Swadron and Tom Evans Re-Writing Your Life in Retirement
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You have arrived!

You are now at the place many refer to as retired, older, elder, old age etc.

  • Now that you’re here, now what?
  • What is the plan?
  • How do you plug in for a life of joy, self love, contribution, and community while bringing value to those around you?
  • How can you make all this happen?

If you are asking the above questions, you are ready to…


Re-Write Your Life in Retirement

Simultaneously, we are both teachers and students. We are also healers, inventors, and creators, for when we share our gifts, everyone wins. We become a community. We become connected with others like ourselves and we are able to create a space where we can speak honestly about those things that matter.

This is a beautiful, exciting time as we discover and come together as a group, caring, sharing, learning and growing in what it means to retire, rewire, and refire.

With this in mind, I am pleased and excited to bring to you:

Re-Write Your Life In Retirement

A Workshop to Transition into the Next Phase of Your Life With Passion and Grace

In this powerful workshop a life altering conversation begins! Tools are provided that bring new clarity, confidence and courage.

During this 1/2 day workshop you will:

  • Strongly identify your current needs – clarity is power!
  • Clearly define your values so they can effectively steer your future
  • Learn what matters most to you and why
  • Transform doubts and fears – activate greater possibilities for yourself
  • Plug in and share your knowledge and wisdom with the group for greater insight
  • Understand how the concept of re-writing your life in retirement creates incredible value in your life and extends into the lives of others
  • Using writing, tap into your OWN inner wisdom to excavate what is true for you and how it can bring valuable wisdom to yourself and others.
  • Understand and leave with the concept of ‘Elder-Wisdom.’

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are approaching the age of retirement
  • You have already retired
  • You feel alone or lonely
  • You have health concerns and wonder how they might play out in your future
  • You are concerned about where to go from here
  • You have identified with who you were during your career and not sure who you are now
  • You have lived many of your years looking after others – now it’s time to put yourself first and live an even greater and more empowered, exciting and joyful life!

Workshop Details:

Location & Date:  TO BE ANNOUNCED

Fee:                    $35.00 Early Bird Registration: Regular price $40.00

Facilitator:       Junie Swadron

Contact Info:;; 250-813-0183

Bonus Offer:   Holiday Gifts for yourself or a loved one are available at a great savings (Gift Certificates Available)

Payment: Cash, Visa, Master Card, Interac, and Cheque, accepted

Available for purchase:

  • New 8-Week Winter Elder Wisdom Support Group 
  • Re-Write Your Life, A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives
  • Re-Write Your Life Home Study Program
  • DVD: Madness, Masks and Miracles
  • CD – Unleash Your Passion, Creativity and Highest Potential
  • Wisdom Card Readings

Please inform your friends and contemporaries about this opportunity so you can attend together, discuss it afterwards,
and strengthen your community.

 Candid Interview with Junie Swadron and Tom Evans Re-Writing Your Life in Retirement
~ returning to this page soon!


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