Do you ever wonder “Where do I go from here?”

If so, you are not alone and I CAN HELP YOU!

Has there been a recent change in your life that has turned your world upside down? Did COVID-19 leave you stranded with uncertainty regarding your work, your personal life, your physical and/or mental health, and, and and….?

Any of the above situations and many others can lead to anxiety, depression, a sense of hopelessness, fear of the future and lack of motivation.

In only 60 minutes, your life can change dramatically. That’s a big statement, I know. And I could not say it if it were not true. I have dozens of testimonials from people who are absolutely thrilled with the results they have received from their very own inner guidance. They just needed to be shown how to access it.

It is a unique process that brings peace of mind to current challenging situations.

This happens with my counsel, divination cards, and a process involving guided meditation and intuitive writings that access your subconscious mind where your wisdom will light itself upon the pages. Don’t be surprised by what you have written. Your answers have always been there — they were simply hidden.

This process will allay concerns that will put your heart and mind at ease. You will know what steps to take next and you will be inspired to take them.

You will leave the session with an entirely new energy and a changed perception about what has been troubling you.

You will be ready to move forward with enthusiasm, confidence, and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly.

Readings are done in person or on Zoom.

Regular Price $150.00

Workshop Price $97.00

This is a great gift for yourself and to offer to your loved ones.

After completing your purchase, please book your 60-minute session in my calendar (or contact me at or call 250-813-0183 to arrange for a gift certificate).

YOU know the truth. Yet sometimes it is hidden from you.

No one know you better than YOU do.

No one has your answers but YOU.

YOU are the source of your own truth!


Words often heard to describe the session are:

“Profound, Unbelievable, Insightful, Transformational, Wow!”

and most of all, “THANK YOU!”

“Junie Swadron has changed my life!!!! Last week I booked a session with Junie for an Inner Wisdom Card Reading …

I tuned into my own Inner Guidance… The message I received from Junie was amazing, “Spot  on” and truly life changing for me…… I journaled during the session and amazing revelations were revealed….. I experienced many truths and gifts….. I realized that I was “playing small” in my life!! I began to see and feel so differently taking chances and standing confidentially in my own skin!!!
I highly recommend you give yourself a gift of a session with Junie. She is a gem, highly intuitive, and gifted beyond words”

Lynda Visosky


“I warmly recommend these creative and intuitive inner wisdom sessions with the wise and kind Junie Swadron. It was a great way to get in touch with my deeper self around a life question. A very gentle and supported inquiry into my inner knowing. Thank you Junie ❤️

Pamela Richardson


“I think Junie Swadron just changed my life. She gave me a Divination Reading – An Intuitive Guidance Session. What I expected was an answer or a piece of guidance about how to get a solitary answer that I was looking for. Instead she worked with me to guide me into my own answers and then joined her wisdom to mine, bringing me a deeper level of  the understanding I have been working on for the last 18 months. And I feel a solid shift in my outlook and my decision-making processes has taken place, which is far more far-reaching than any solitary answer to any solitary question. Her work is deceptively simple; be prepared to make changes.”

Lori Kirstein


“Junie, I had no idea what would occur, but I was really impressed with the process that you use and the end result.

I found that having the opportunity to write out what I have been struggling with internally & express how I was truly feeling really opened up a deeper degree of honesty with myself.

Sometimes we are given the opportunity to dig deeper at a time when that would be helpful.  Your process allowed me to do that. The discussion we had allowed me to see that there are different ways of addressing my fears that are much more positive and not at all difficult.

And there was the spiritual aspect that came up which confirmed that I am indeed watched over and honoured. I very much appreciate your skills and your kind heart. You allowed me to find my own way through my recent challenge with just a gentle nudge or two. Thank you very much. Big Hugs.”

Patricia Nichols


“I came to see Junie with great excitement and curiosity. Junie is a wonderful, calm woman who provides a safe container for you to explore what is happening for you. Through this process of meditation and guided writing I was able to look inside and see what path I needed to take and I realized that more than anything I needed to let go. I am so grateful for the experience I had and I look forward to reading and writing with Junie through her book over the summer.”

Laurel M. 

I cherish the day that I went to a heart opening writing workshop of Junie’s last year and signed up for a divination reading.

There is no doubt in my mind that Junie’s support and intuition during the reading helped me to release my inner writer. Since that time I have started writing and cannot stop. I am writing myself home and finding my voice with my words just as she told me I would.

I have found my love and words barely cover how grateful I am to Junie.
Perhaps this quote says it for me:

Gill Scadeng

Something opens our wings.
Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.
Someone fills the cup in front of us:
We taste only sacredness.


“Thank you, Junie, for the Divination Reading. I have had many readings over the years and my experience with you was truly unique. When I came to the reading, my heart was heavy and filled with fear. One of my children was going through a challenging time and I was feeling worried, afraid and powerless. Through the opening meditation I was lovingly guided by you to a place of trust. It was no surprise to find that the message of the Divinity Card I chose was the answer to my question and a response to what I was feeling. The writing exercise not only helped me get clear on what I was experiencing, it also helped me release the fear and get back to a place of love and peace. You gently and lovingly guided me through the process. Thank you, Junie, for sharing this gift with me.”

Lorraine Jordan

Junie Swadron is a gem. I recently had the opportunity to experience a Divinity Reading with her. I had a specific issue I needed help with. The reading gave me exactly what I needed to hear to assist in healing the situation. Junie’s input was clear and supported my being able to totally trust the guidance I received from within myself. Junie has many years of experience in assisting people’s healing. This latest tool that she has discovered is exquisite.

Esther Hart, Speaker, Editor, Author of Journey to Personal Freedom

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