2-Day Sacred Writing Retreat
in Comox, BC
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For the love of writing, for the love of self, with Junie Swadron

If you could take two days to pause, reflect, and harness your creative soul, where would that take your writing journey?

If you could take some time to spark your muse and nurture your intuitive process, what new magic would burst forth from your pen?

During these two days of reflection and creative expression you will explore your relationship with writing as a sacred path.

As we begin with new possibilities, ask yourself these 3 important questions:

1. What is my heart’s desire and what are the dreams and longings of my soul?

2. What if I could truly listen, truly hear, and truly find the key of inspiration that will bring them into beingness?

3. What if writing really was a portal into my soul?

What I’m talking about here is the kind of writing that is written with ease and without care. It’s a freedom that comes when we toss out the Elements of Style, throw away all the rules and pre-conceived notions, and simply write.

In Zen there is a saying:

When you eat, just eat.

When you walk, just walk.

I say, when you write, just write  because this is when your writing becomes a meditation on the page.

We simply step aside and allow our heart to dance to the beat of language and story.

Whether it is prose, poetry, song lyrics, or simply stream of consciousness writing in “no apparent form,” you will learn the fundamentals of moving past the head and into the heart of writing — by simply writing. And you will find these words you write and speak will become the touchstones of your life.

When the sweet whisperings of our soul meets us on the page something shifts. We strengthen. We begin to stand taller, and one day we notice that our voice on the page has become our voice in the world.

For The Love of Writing, For The Love Of Self is also a time of sharing within the container of a sacred circle. You will be listened to and heard, in perhaps a way you have never been listened to or heard before. It is not unusual for my students to say that the reading back of their writing and the sharing out loud, in this sacred way, was equally, if not even more valuable, than the writing itself.

Jeff Richardson, in his book Personal Creativity and Writing, put it this way:

“Can you remember a time when you were heard without interruption, distraction or judgment, where the quality of the other person’s attention was so complete it seemed you could feel it? Whether that person actually said anything “important” or not, if the quality of their attention was true, there was a magic and a power whereby you knew you had been touched, even transformed in a subtle and powerful way. The respect and trust of others given in silence as well as speech or presence, create building blocks of confidence and motivation.”

This is how people have been experiencing my workshops for almost 30 years.

Junie, in my entire life I have known two people who are skilled in the art of listening in a way I truly feel heard — that what I have to say is of value, is important . . . that I matter. You are one of them. Deborah Hawkey

During our time together we will write and share our writing in a safe and honouring environment.

Re-awaken your inner child whose voice was quieted in childhood.

Find your authentic voice and learn how to express yourself with confidence and loving backbone.

Access your wisdom, inner beauty, and playful charm through a Mirror of Love.

No writing experience is necessary. As well, when we write from our authentic Self, there is nothing to edit, only reveal.

For the love of writing, for the love of self, with Junie Swadron.
This is the beautiful setting where we’ll be holding our workshop. Come and be renewed by nature, spirit, and pen.

What else can you expect?

Lots of great music, movement, collage,  guided meditations, contemplative silent nature walks and joyous connection with other beautiful men and women on this same journey.

If your heart is connecting to the energy and the words written here, then I hope you will please join us!

Junie Swadron has the rare gift of originality, both in her work, her teaching methods and her way of life. In her classes, I was able to dust off my cobwebbed imagination and confidence, oil my rusted brain and actually share ALOUD what I had written! An almost otherworldly depth arose for me—high quality fertilizer for my parched mind, heart and soul. I thank you, Junie, for being a kind and determined angel of art, supporting the best in us all. — Julia Jirik

Thank you for your wonderful writing workshop. It truly helped me to see just how much writing has the ability to clarify, to heal and to comfort. I have loved your wit, your gentle nature, your subtle probing and loving guidance. — Sasha Collins

This is the Spinnaker Pavilion where we hold the workshop.
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