Two hours of spontaneous writing that will get you all fired up to keep going!

Sundays, 11 am –1 pm (Pacific Time) on Zoom

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Sunday Morning Sacred Writing Circles will be postponed for now. New beginning date to be announced ASAP.

Make time for the things that matter to you

Give your most creative ideas a chance to emerge in a criticism-free environment.

The only way to access your most brilliant ideas is to create the conditions that allow them to emerge. When you are in a focused, safe, creative environment, guided by an expert, you may be surprised by what comes out on the page.

Writing has the power to stop time, cut through the extraneous, and take us home to our heart. In these workshops we write to a prompt for a set amount of time. You’ll learn the fundamentals of moving past the head and into the heart of writing.

Junie Swadron

Join us on Sundays, 11 am – 1 pm (Pacific Time) on Zoom

Two-step registration:

Step 1: Pay $25 via PayPal (choose “Send”)

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Step 2: Register!

Reserve Your Spot for Sunday Circle

After registering, watch for an email from Zoom containing the link for the workshop with the subject line, “Sunday Morning Sacred Writing Circle Confirmation.”

Junie will be the most passionate and enthusiastic fan of your writing. She will hear and say back the words you have written; she will get the point you are writing. She will ask why, curious or sad, when you do not dare to drop into your deeper powerful voice. She will see your greatest self when it emerges and celebrate with great joy and appreciation every new word, every phase of the writing, with you.Susan Beach

What to expect

This is a small, intimate, safe space to practice spontaneous writing to a prompt that is given. It is not a critique group. After we write, if you choose, you will have a chance to share your writing with the group. We have guidelines to keep you safe. Here’s how a circle typically goes:

Guided visualization
Writing Prompt
Check out. What are you leaving with?

In these writing circles, you’ll enjoy a variety of writing exercises drawn from my ever-growing, overflowing creative writing toolbox.

Who is this for?

Sunday Morning Sacred Writing Circles are for you if you’re curious about writing and just want to give it a try, if you need some momentum, if you have a feeling that there’s more to life but you just don’t know what it is, if you’re stuck on a project, or if you feel like giving yourself some sacred time to just BE.

These workshops are for:

  • People who identify as writers, and people who don’t
  • Creatives of any kind, or wanna-be creatives
  • Professionals
  • Business people
  • Artists

They’re for anyone, really, who is curious to see what will reveal itself on the page. You belong here.

It truly has been a sacred circle, to be able to go so deep within myself to places that often hurt, to clear the pain and move further into my healing and also to go deep within to revel in my blessings. Then to be witnessed and to witness the others. What a privilege!Rae Bilash

Does writing call to you as a sacred expression?

Or perhaps it’s a way to come alive? Whatever it means for you, you are welcome. Come and find out what wants to reveal itself on the page when you join a sacred circle of writers.

The process is about sharing from our hearts, it’s laughter, it’s friendship. It’s learning to stop judging our work, it’s sipping tea. It’s finding our voice and feeling safe to speak our words out loud. It’s about being authentic and kind. It’s about creativity and it’s about catharsis—allowing the writing to become our wise teacher. It’s poetry and it’s prose. It is short stories and drawings that we write from.

In short, it’s a love fest — both on and off the page!

Many of us never had someone being a loving witness—fully paying attention to what we say and honouring who we are. The more we read out loud, the less we will be concerned about it being good, bad, right, wrong. We stop judging it.

This is not a critique group. Our souls flourish in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We grow strong in an atmosphere of kindness and respect, knowing we are being supported exactly as we are.

Many people arrive at my door for the first time wondering if they can write at all because they have been blocked for months or even years. Or they think they have no talent, or perhaps they are afraid of what might come out.

When these fledgling writers enter our sacred circle, everyone is welcomed, camaraderie is exchanged, no one is judged.

It is then that they stop judging themselves. We have fun. Confidence grows. Words start to dance onto the page in the form of poetry, prose, song lyrics, blogs, fictional characters, memoir, stand up, or whatever your current mode of expression happens to be.

Junie, in my entire life I have known two people who are skilled in the art of listening in a way I truly feel heard, that what I have to say is of value, is important . . . that I matter. You are one of them.Deborah Hawkey

What’s new for 2021?

After 20 years of facilitating Sunday circles with amazing results, we are keeping the best and adding even more!

You’ll be guided by my lifetime of using writing as both a creative and cathartic tool, 30 years as a professional writing coach, and drawing from my Amazon best-selling books, WRITE WHERE YOU ARE: A Book For Those Who Dream Of Writing But Don’t Know Where To Begin, RE-WRITE YOUR LIFE: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives, and YOUR LIFE MATTERS: 8 Simple Steps to Writing Your Story.

Each Sunday we’ll explore different themes. We’ll still be using stream-of-consciousness writing as our method — in other words, no editing, no concerns about spelling, punctuation or grammar, no critiquing, simply the joy of writing and the mystery of what will flow out of your pen.

However, there will be themes and prompts and writing tools and writing from all genres — prose, poetry, sestinas, song lyrics, you name it . . .

Each month, we’ll explore some of these universal themes with a brief teaching followed by a writing prompt:

  • Primary relationships
  • Covid 19 — traversing everything from fear to creative choice and resilience
  • Spirituality — love, light, miracles, and levity
  • Grief and trauma — writing to assuage the pain and empower you
  • Significant moves
  • Significant relationships
  • Change as a constant
  • And so many more!

Give yourself the benefit of a focused, safe, creative environment, guided by an expert so that you can create your best, most brilliant work.

Join us on Sundays, 11 am –1 pm (Pacific Time) on Zoom

Two-step registration:


Step 1: Pay $25 via PayPal (choose “Send”)

Pay for Sunday Circle

Step 2: Register!

Reserve Your Spot for Sunday Circle

After registering, watch for an email from Zoom containing the link for the workshop with the subject line, “Sunday Morning Sacred Writing Circle Confirmation.”

Somewhere deep inside I knew I could write; I just didn’t know how to go about it. Thank you for the process you teach; thank you for the liberating safe space you provide and thank you because I can’t imagine not writing ever again.Tommy Bluestein

Guidelines for ease and flow
regarding time, writing, and process


Please familiarize yourself with Zoom and the control buttons before the call as best you can to save time. If Zoom prompts you to download the latest version, say yes and get updated. It will help with functionality and security. Thank you.

What to expect

  1. Guided visualization
  2. Check-in
  3. Writing Prompt 
  4. Writing
  5. Sharing
  6. Check out. What are you leaving with?


In keeping with our ‘sacred’ circle, confidentiality is a key element to feeling safe — allowing you to write and share at the intimate level you do. Please note that no one is permitted to be on the call unless they have registered and are clearly visible (unless choosing to turn off video). It’s best if you live with others that you let them know that you will be on a private call. If someone comes in the room and you do not have headphones on, please put them on, remove yourself from the room (turn off your video as you move please), or ask the other person to please respect your privacy and leave. Thank you.


Please have your microphone muted unless you are checking in or sharing. It really helps improve the quality of the Zoom audio when we are muted.

Moving around

If you plan to move around, please turn off your video, as it is distracting. Turn it back on when you settle again, as we love to see your beautiful face.


Please unmute yourself.  

  • What is your name?
  • Where do you live?
  • What is your intention?  
  • What do you need from us today?

Writing guidelines

You will be given a writing prompt. If it doesn’t work for you, please write whatever you like. Everything is perfect. Do not worry about spelling, punctuation or grammar. Just write. If you feel you have finished before the timer goes off, put two lines like railway tracks // on your page and then return to the writing . . . 

After the writing is complete

Just take a moment to return and when you are ready, please put your name in the chat and I will call on you in order.

Before sharing your writing

Please take a moment to glance at everyone in the circle and see them looking at you, lovingly holding the space for you as you read.


When the reader is finished, please offer gratitude by bowing to them.

Writing time

Writing time is determined by the number of people on the call. This goes for feedback as well.

Breakout rooms

Zoom has the capacity to do break-out rooms which are used for large groups. We haven’t had the need for them yet, but if we do, we’ll ask you to please share among 2 – 5 people in order to keep it intimate. We will always come together again with the full group before we close. 

Come to our Sacred Circle on Sunday and rest your heart on the page. You belong here.

About Junie Swadron

Junie Swadron is an author, psychotherapist, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional writing coach. She has spent the last thirty years guiding thousands of students in writing and sharing their life stories through a deep and powerful process that completely transformed how they experienced their life journey.

Junie has married her psychotherapy skills and book coaching skills into helping writer’s become authors to work with whatever emotions might arise — on the spectrum from resistance to excitement to published author!

She has worked extensively with therapy and the arts since 1989. Junie has an innate ability to tune into the root cause of a situation and bring awareness and clarity to her clients in order for them to make sense of their lives and heal their pain. Junie moved from Toronto in 1998 where she was a clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, certified life skills coach, and worked in private practice as well as at a well-known drug and alcohol facility.


Junie’s book, Write Where You Are: A Book for Those Who Dream of Writing but Don’t Know Where to Begin, offers foolproof and often hilarious solutions to get even the biggest sceptics writing. It’s a guidebook that takes away all the fears you have locked in the closet.

Toss out perfection and replace it with colours, shapes, anger, joy, humour, heartbreak and whatever else that wants to come out of hiding.

This approach to writing will stop the judging and allow you to rest your heart on the page. This brings about spaciousness, creative freedom, and confidence. Learn more, read passages from the book, and purchase your copy here.

Junie Swadron
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