Allowing the voice of YOUR HEART to become A LEGACY TO THE WORLD

November 25 – December 2, 2018

Location: Vancouver Island. Details to come.


Price TBD (includes tuition, meals, and shared accommodation).


You do NOT need to begin as a seasoned writer

Junie teaches a process that engages you with your authentic writer’s voice immediately that will, in turn, make sure that your book’s a page-turner. You just need to know why you are passionate about what you want to write and let the writing do the writing. And Junie will get you there from the moment you say YES by sending you a specially designed questionnaire that brings you fully into the heart of your work.

Maybe your book is still simply a concept, a seed incubating in your mind. It’s enough. We will build from there. No matter where you are on the continuum from having your work half finished or haven’t quite started yet—we begin where you are.

This writing retreat covers all genres…

For example, you can be creating a book, a series of short stories, travel blog, memoir, play, or if you are an entrepreneur, it will help you to bring more credibility to your service with a published book. Perhaps you are writing fiction. Or you are writing your story as a legacy for your family. All is welcome here!


What can I expect?

What’s included? Your tuition plus beautiful accommodation in a gorgeous setting, delicious and nutritious meals and healthy snacks, camaraderie with fellow authors, and a retreat in nature!

  • Work with a dynamic professional, author, playwright and writing coach, that engages you with your authentic writer’s voice immediately.
  • Breakthrough debilitating blocks and move brilliantly forward on your writing.
  • You will receive an in-depth questionnaire designed to bring you clarity about your subject so that you can begin the process immediately.
  • You will have a private phone conversation with Junie before the retreat even begins to go over the questionnaire and discuss your book.
  • A non-judgmental, safe, and respectful environment
  • Free time to write, be in nature, read and receive relevant feedback
  • Fun!

Rave reviews from our August 2017 Retreat

It is a time of no-time.

You leave your watch at the door along with all other worldly responsibilities. Here you are nurtured in every sense of the word while you focus your attention to what you are birthing—Your Book!   


  • I gained confidence to write more openly
  • I now know that writing is in my core!
  • I have a more loving attitude toward writing every day
  • Loved being in a beautiful environment
  • It was awesome to be heard and acknowledged both personally and with my book
  • I loved the mock book launch. I feel ready for the real one now!
  • I’ve reclaimed my voice!
  • Loved hearing the wisdom of the other participants
  • Feel I have a  new family!
  • It was fun, educational and a good experience!
  • I appreciate being pushed out of my comfort zone
  • I have found a peaceful confidence that I am worthy of writing and that’s my story is powerful
  • I found my core story emerging
  • Moving through my fears and self criticism
  • I love my new authentic voice!
  • I realized that each voice is so unique and beautiful I was able to let go of comparisons.


More about what the program includes

  • A meet & greet welcome.
  • Our first meeting will be to set your intentions, describe your works and where you are in the process. You will share your enthusiasm as well as your fears, concerns, perceived weaknesses, known strengths and what you need the most.
  • One week of instruction, working on your writing, and relaxation with fellow authors:
  • A guided meditation further awaken your imagination and bring you deeper into the heart of your intention.  
  • Fun role-play preparation for your future Book Launch
  • One 1:1 session with Junie.
  • Buddy: Meet regularly with your buddy, a fellow writer to share your writing process and progress.
  • You will learn how to give proper feedback — the specifics of what to listen for. For example – what’s working well and what is not, what could use re-writing or simply tweaking regarding characters, continuity, redundancy, length, etc.
  • Release your resistance and blocks to regain your confidence in your ability to move forward
  • No set formula, but the result is that you will uncover your true voice

The First Draft Is Just For You even if you have a specific audience in mind. You needn’t worry about editing and judging what you are writing. You can feel safe to write the truth as you feel into it and not be concerned about who might be reading it. Finding and expressing your real voice brings about authenticity and credibility — your personal voice that carries the truth into the heart of the reader.  

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about having your voice on the page become your voice in the world, whether it’s in the form of a book, a series of short stories, travel blog, memoir, play, or if you are an entrepreneur ready to bring even more credibility to your service with a published book, then don’t overthink it. There are only 15 spots available which will sell out very quickly! So sharpen your pencils and join other budding authors on an exciting journey to make your dream come true!

Price TBD (includes tuition, meals, and accommodation).


As a follow-up to the retreat, there will be an opportunity for you to continue moving forward with your fellow participants through regular live calls on Zoom as well as in a private Facebook group to share your writings, your stops and starts, your inspiration and encouragement. In this way you will continue to get support from myself and your peers, those who you have come to know intimately as budding authors walking alongside you.


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