Do you yearn to express your creativity but stop yourself because you think you’re too old, not bright enough, and not talented enough? Are you ready to let go of these limiting beliefs?

Using “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, learn to release life-long fears and blocks, liberate your inner artist, take yourself on artist dates, explore your spirituality, and express yourself in ways that empower you!

The course is designed to:

  • Unleash your creative potential
  • Live more fully in the Now
  • Help you let go of life-long fears and blocks
  • Explore your spirituality
  • Empower you to express yourself
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Embrace new tools such as “Morning Pages”, Artist’s Dates!
  • Experience the support of a healing circle with like-minded individuals on a spiritual path of growth
  • Come to know you live in an abundant, responsive and loving universe waiting to support your creative efforts



“We long for community, making our lives meaningful and having a sense of purpose and belonging, so we can get on with the important business of creating. Here you will do something about it. It’s about baby steps and actually taking them rather than waiting for circumstances to be perfect. You will come away feeling like it is not only possible. It is happening. In this course you will meet real people like yourself, and with them, you will do things for yourself, things you keep putting off. You will nurture and support each other. You will experiment and brainstorm in an atmosphere where respect and encouragement for each other’s process is key. It’s freedom, the freedom that comes with safety. You will find that the world really can be a warm and friendly place.”

Suzanne D’Aoust

“What can I say to the person who has lead me through the major life altering experience of The Artist’s Way. You have facilitated my reawakening of creative needs that have long remained dormant, inspired me to rethink long forgotten dreams and given me the tools to achieve them.”

Jean Winston


“How can I thank you for turning my life around in three months. You opened the door and helped me walk through. Thanks to you I have gone back to piano and needlepoint, knitting design, gone to art school for the first time, resolved issues about money, done things on my own, stayed away from ‘quick fixes” become kinder to myself and more childlike, become a happier person leading a richer life. Last but not least I’ve become a writer with a commitment to write every day!”

Phyllis Diesenhouse.


“Thanks and Wow! What a great experience. I have opened in ways I thought I never could. Thank you for your gentle, wise, loving and supportive facilitation. Thank you for providing the safe place I needed in order to open & trust once again.”

Janie White


“June: Thank you for providing this very special opportunity for me at this important crossroad in my life. You have inspired and encouraged me to respect and nurture my artist self. He’s not only ready to come out; He’s here!!! Thank you.”

Brian Richards

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