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June’s writing course has opened a new and deeper venue of self exploration. I discovered the unexpectedly powerful therapeutic release of reading to others. Assuming I’d be judged for my very personal revelations, I found quite the opposite, sympathetic ears, and comments about my courage. I am honoured and grateful to have heard the extraordinary and unique gifts of wisdom, heart and courage that her writing course allowed me to receive through the power of fearless authenticity. It has led me to feel that everyone is special, that at a deep level, there are no strangers. Some time has passed, and I observe myself being less fearful and consequently more open with people, moving to deeper and more authentic relationships. I now look at it as a keystone event in my life.[client_name]Wayne Oliver[/client_name]

[testimonial]This course has given me the opportunity to revisit experiences of joy and pain and to eventually and gradually realize the deep sacred gift of each person and of each experience in my life. And also to take responsibility for all of the reflections of myself these people and experiences have been. Thank you for providing such a healing, safe space to reveal what has been so difficult to express even in private before.[client_name]Rosemary Anderson[/client_name]

[testimonial]June, I can’t even begin to tell you how much my life has been enriched by taking your two courses. I didn’t think that you could improve on “The Artist’s Way” but somehow you did it. Doing The Stories of Our Lives, helped me to see my life from a whole new perspective. Who says I don’t have an interesting life![client_name]Taylore Co[/client_name]

[testimonial]I have been so happy to have participated in this group. Writing my story turns out to be a therapeutic and therefore healing practise, something I didn’t expect. By now I thought I had worked through my past events and made peace with them and myself. To my amazement, however, several things came up that needed more attention. I was especially struck by the events that followed the imagery focused on forgiveness. Not only did I receive a special inspiration during our session, but I was able to carry that over in my daily life. I feel that an important event has happened to me while participating in your class, and that the effect isn’t limited to that space, but like a seed, has started to take root and grow.[client_name]Fiesta de Vries[/client_name]

[testimonial]Reflecting over the past ten weeks of this course, like Alice in Wonderland, I have come through a looking glass where things appear quite differently than when I entered two months ago.To begin with, I had expectations of what I wanted to learn.  I had just finished writing a novel, the first serious writing of my life. Now I wanted to learn how to write.  I wanted know how, tools, and harsh critique. I didn’t want to be coddled, but to hear it straight: This is what you must do and that is complete rubbish.

But fortunately for me, the mysteries of life engage me strongly enough that once I relaxed my preconceptions and parked my hard and rigid demands, I was able to feel how, almost imperceptivity, the course flowed from acceptance, from flexibility, from arms held wide open to what is.  And so I dove in with an inquiring mind and an open heart, and because the universe teaches in a myriad of ways, I learned, from the gentle flow of how and what June teaches, everything and more of what I wanted to know.

I have learned that a writer must dig deep—into the unique well of one’s own life and experience. I know now that it’s best to “let it rip;” to write from the heart of one’s honesty and authenticity. I have learned to value what I have to say and to value the unique life experience and perspective of each of my friends in the class.

I have been given an invaluable approach to writing:  just write where you’re at.  And now I see how that makes it possible to write about anything. The impressions of my nearly seventy years on earth are nearly inexhaustible, and my stories and particular vantage point are valuable somewhere in the universe, if only to me.  To write my truths, to fully digest the meal this life has been so far, while it brings up emotions, in the end it makes me content; more understanding and hopeful too that my banquet of memories and stories will continue to flow in ways that heal me and my family.

And maybe the next book I write will be a best seller, like June’s is sure to be!

It’s with profound gratitude to June and to my classmates that I leave this class. May we continue to enthusiastically write our truths, bringing our own precious and authentic selves to the stories of our lives and the lives of others.

Thank you, June. What a valuable class this has been.[client_name]Julie J.[/client_name]

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