This week-end I gave myself the greatest gift I could imagine!

I flew to Kelowna to be with my dearest friend of 26 years, Darlene McKee.  She was visiting and helping out her daughter, Aislinn, who just had her fourth child.

I have known “Aisy” since she was 10 years old and we have had a loving bond from the day we met.   What a thrill it was to be with her again and meet her family for the first time.

Oh my gosh!  It was everything I could imagine and more. I experienced the indescribable sense of love and joy that comes with being part of a loving family and being literally in the arms of babes!

Those precious children – Dhruba, who turned six the day I arrived; Prema, 4, and Kalyani, 2 – filled me with hugs and kisses, cuddles and giggles the entire time. And then there was Rasaraj, a 4-week-old baby. Can there anything be anything more wonderful than holding a new born in your arms?

All of this joy came to me on the wake of Robby Holly’s sudden death.  It was a welcoming salve as well as the best reminder in the world. Simply, that life is so dear and precious. And even in sorrow, there can be so much joy!

If you are feeling out of sorts today, what is one thing you can do for yourself that will put a smile on your face?

Perhaps it’s simply visiting a playground. No doubt the children’s laughter will fill you up from the inside out.


©Copyright Artist: Prema O’Grady (4 years old)

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