For the Love of Writing for the Love of Self

A Day to Rest Your Heart on the Page with Your Words.


Do you find yourself racing against time to get things done, get things finished, answer endless emails, invent new ways to pay the bills, take care of aging parents, get a good night’s sleep, learn new technology … the breathless list goes on and on?

There is a profound shift taking place on our planet. Life is speeding up faster than we have ever experienced. Most of us are feeling on-going anxiety and stress that comes from daily obligations and commitments.

That is why it is essential to practice daily self-care in order to fill the well and replenish ourselves.

Reminding ourselves that we are human BE-ings, and NOT human DO-ings

This is a day of honouring ourselves in a sacred circle with others on this pilgrimage inward

We will find our true authentic voice and share our writing in a safe-non judgmental sacred circle

It is a day of pause, self-love and nurturance, mindfulness and self-reflection.

We will be doing walking meditation and drawing mandalas in vibrant colours,

We will be silent, and we will also dance to vibrant music to shake off the fatigue.

We will listen to the poetry of David Whyte recited in his own voice, touching into our own poetry and
writing from that place.

We will write as a form of meditation, listen with reverence to our true voice and record what we hear.

No prior writing experience is necessary.

Even if you think you cannot write, I guarantee you that you can.

I will teach you a writing practice where you needn’t search and strive for the ‘right’ words.
There are no right words or wrong words because the ego is not engaged.

Simply show up so that your voice on the page becomes your voice in the world as you write yourself home to your heart.

What to Bring:

Your journal
Your lunch
Your water bottle
Your walking shoes
Abundant expectancy. * Thank You Trish Coleman
And Your SMILE 🙂

Testimonials from Bowen Island Retreat: April 14, 2013

“Brilliant, Exceptional, This was Divine Timing. I was ready to write my book, feeling stuck and now the pen is flying off the page!”


“Oh this is soooooo good, you are an angel sent to me. I am in the flow. I am still basking in the beauty of that retreat and I am writing in a way I never thought I could!”


“A day of listening, learning, writing, sharing, insights and fun; a day for me! Junie’s passion for encouraging the writer in each of us through her invigorating one day workshop (be ready to dance) has rekindled my own energy for putting pen to paper and getting creative.”



New Date To Be Announced


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