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Hi and Welcome.  I’m Junie Swadron.

You’ve arrived at the place
where your past can be re-written,
your future can be re-shaped
and your life can be transformed!

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If you are ready to live the life you love, put the past to bed and live life fully in today, I can help!

I base my confidence from working for over 20 years as a psychotherapist, international speaker, workshop facilitator, professional writing coach – (I am passionate about coaching writers to become authors!) – an author and playwright. As well, I spend time as a peer support worker and certified facilitator of WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) at the BC Schizophrenia Society, Victoria, BC Branch.

I have guided literally thousands of students and clients over the years in a unique process that completely transformed how they experienced their life journey. They were able to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with their past.

Every story, no matter how painful, can become the elixir of healing, transformation and ultimately joy!

Books and Plays by Junie  


 Write Where You Are: A book for those who dream of writing but don’t know where to begin

If you really want to write but don’t know where to begin, this book is for you!

It offers foolproof and often hilarious solutions to get even the biggest sceptics writing. It’s a guidebookthat takes away all the fears you have locked in the closet.

Re-Write Your Life, A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives

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Re-Write Your Life is a unique guided writing experience that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past so you can rejoice in your life today.

“Junie Swadron is both a guide and a muse. Her book is a bright lantern, illuminating the often dark and tricky terrain of the soul. Grounded in personal experience, her techniques catalyze the deep authenticity possible to us all.”   Julia Cameron – Author of The Artist’s Way

Madness Masks and Miracles  – A play to help dispel myths and stigmas about mental illness

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Madness, Masks and Miracles© is about the madness or the dark night of the soul we all go through, the masks we wear in public so no-one sees the pain we are in – that prevents us from being judged, criticized, ostracized and marginalized.

Upcoming Events 

Stop! Write Where You Are!

Spring Book Launch with Flair Pzazz

Poem and Prayers for 2013Sunday, March 19th  2 – 4 p.m. – Imagine Studio Cafe

Full details:

Opening to Your Sacred Self Through A Mirror of Love

An Afternoon of Writing, Exploration & Transformation

Sunday, March 26th 2 – 5:30  p.m.  Victoria

Full Details:

Opening to Your Sacred Self Weekend Retreat

The gathering space at Xenia Island Retreat

Friday, April 7 – Sunday, April  9, 2017

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Creating a Visual Memoir Using Writing and Collage


A Five Day Retreat in Taos New Mexico – A Collaboration with Gwen Fox, an internationally acclaimed award winning artist, teacher, speaker and art coach, Gwen Fox     June 18 -June 24, 2017


Sunday Afternoon Writing Circles

The afternoon is about sharing from our hearts, it’s laughter, it’s friendship. It’s learning to stop judSging our work, it’s sipping tea. It’s finding our voice and feeling safe to speak our words out loud. It’s about being authentic and kind. It’s about music and moving our bodies during the break. It’s about creativity and it’s about catharsis – allowing the writing to become our wise teacher. It’s poetry and it’s prose. It is short stories and drawings that we write from.In short, it’s a love fest, both on and off the page.

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“Junie, these afternoons have renewed my creative spirit and I love the camaraderie of the participants. Thank you!”- Eve Sanders

Grab a Taste of What A Workshop with Junie Looks Like 

“Dear Junie” Column in Downtown and Around Victoria—Victoria’s Prestigious Magazine

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I am thrilled to be a columnist in the Downtown and Around magazine. Here, I answer questions and write responses which I hope will bless and encourage anyone in need.

The first question is: How do I find my life’s purpose? I hope you like my answer and I would truly appreciate if you left me a comment. Let me know what works for you.

Do you have a question? Be sure to send it in! Click here to read “Dear Junie”


“Junie, in my entire life I have known two people who are skilled in the art of listening in a way I truly feel heard – that what I have to say is of value, is important…that I matter. You are one of them.”[client_name] Deborah Hawkey [/client_name]

“Junie, it seems so simple and natural when you do it, but I don’t know anyone who hears and says back so clearly when I read my writing or speak my truth. You are the mirror who shines a light in the darkness just when I’ve convinced myself to give up, again. Thank you.”– Susan Beach

Write Where You Are

Everybody can write. Some people say that everyone can sing and I agree. After facilitating writing workshops for over 20 years, I also maintain that everyone can write. Read more

Author Support Group with Authors June Swadron and Esther HartAuthor Support 

Are you writing a book? Are you dreaming of becoming a published author, or even getting that second or third book published, and you feel like you just can’t get to the finish line? Read more

re-write-your-life-workshops-june-swadronRe-Write Your Life 

Writing your life stories is a deep and powerful process that acknowledges and honours your life’s journey. This 8-week workshop is designed to assist you in remembering and… Read more

More Testimonials

“I have attended Junie’s workshops a number of times and have found the tools she offers to be a gentle passage into self-awareness and healing. Her work stems from her own authentic life experience which calls you to face your life story with a profound honesty.”

[client_name]Rev. Doreen Holmes[/client_name]

“Somewhere deep inside I knew I could write; I just didn’t know how to go about it. Thanks you for the process you teach, thank you for the liberating safe space you provide and thank you because I can’t imagine not writing every again.”

[client_name]Tommy Bluestein[/client_name]

“ When I put the pen to paper in the form which you taught me, my heart comes alive and stirs my soul into a recognition and familiarity I’ve never felt before. You have guided me through my frightened blur of confusion to a place of greater clarity and peace – given each of us a greater understanding of our worth, a reaffirmation that we can do it- and it’s worth the effort. ‘Always, your approach is gentle, your manner is intensely present, your suggestions appropriate and always heart-felt. Thank you!”

[client_name]Catherine Friedberg[/client_name]

“I am so indebted to you. When I told you I was not comfortable in groups or sometimes not even leaving the house, you coached me privately on the telephone in a way that made me feel that we were together in the same room. I have learned so much; mostly that my writing has become my best friend and wise teacher. I have moved from a place of not believing in myself to a place where I am healthier and happier. I now get it when you say, “Your voice on the page becomes your voice in the world.” I am speaking up in ways I never have before and I feel almost ready to publish my poetry. Thank you!”

[client_name]Wendy Hill[/client_name]

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