Being Curious


In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow author, meditation guide and author’s mentor, Tom Evans, about his insatiable curiosity.

Find out how Tom transitioned from the high tech industry over into the creative arts and how he became a meditation guide, ambient music composer, and novelist — all kind of by accident.

Note that 32 minutes in, Tom leads a short guided meditative visualization so you might want to pull over at that point if you are driving!




Things we talked about:

• Curiosity around time
• The desire to share
• The magic of TV and the magic of the mind
• How Tom’s books are a breadcrumb trail of his curiosity
• Learning the craft of writing by doing
• Becoming an author’s mentor, by accident
• How to channel a ‘future history’
• The liberty to be found in writing fiction
• Opening loops with countdown clocks
• Becoming a meditation guide, by accident
• How this all rewrites your life
• Dealing with imposter syndrome by using social proof
• Becoming a healer, by accident
• How today’s metaphysics is tomorrow’s physics
• Meditation as a technology for the mind
• Taking the esoteric and making it exoteric
• Becoming a composer, by accident
• Living life to Moon Time
• Changing from being planetary abusers to becoming planetary caretakers
• The pivot point of 2020
• How the change comes from the margins and periphery

Links from the podcast:

Tom’s website
Tom’s books
Tom’s meditations on Insight Timer
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Tom Evans is nearly 63 years young and on a mission to discover what he wants to do when he grows up.

He started his professional life as a BBC TV engineer. Somewhere along the way, he became an author, an author’s mentor, a healer and a meditation guide — all by accident.

These days he has morphed into a novelist and composer of ambient music.

Tom is just publishing his 17th book and has had well over 3 million listeners to his meditations and music.

Tom’s passion is to research what is known as esoteric, the unknown — and to make it exoteric — known, understood and useable. It is this research that has lead him to becoming what is known as a modern day mystic, seer, and channel. Tom makes no claim to any special powers as these are all nascent in all of us — just poised to be awoken.

Tom Evans
author | meditation guide | speaker


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