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In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow author, Tom Evans.

Tom Evans is nearly 63 years young and on a mission to discover what he wants to do when he grows up.

He started his professional life as a BBC TV engineer. Somewhere along the way, he became an author, an author’s mentor, a healer and a meditation guide — all by accident.

These days he has morphed into a novelist and composer of ambient music.

Tom is just publishing his 17th book and has had well over 3 million listeners to his meditations and music.

Tom’s passion is to research what is known as esoteric, the unknown — and to make it exoteric — known, understood and useable. It is this research that has lead him to becoming what is known as a modern day mystic, seer, and channel. Tom makes no claim to any special powers as these are all nascent in all of us — just poised to be awoken.




What happens when a broadcast engineer switches their attention from the magic of TV to the magic of the mind?

You get a person who understands how to perform what looks like feats of magic.

Once we know how a trick is done of course, it ceases to be magic.


Tom is passionate about bringing such magic into peoples’ lives.

He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author and meditation guide – and now a novelist and ambient music composer.

For those who are awakening or awakened, you will also recognise him as a modern day alchemist, seer, scribe, channel, oracle and mystic.

After studying electronic engineering [electrickery as he calls it now] at university, he spent 20 years in the broadcast industry and 10 years in the Internet industry, working out how all that technical magic worked.

He loves asking Big Questions and making what seems complex as simple as possible. His books are an eclectic mix of self-help and personal development, philosophical futurology, metaphysical exploration and visionary fiction. His meditations will open your mind and open your world to new possibilities.

Since discovering meditation in his mid-40s, he has used this engineering mindset to understand how mindfulness works and how we can use it for real-world applications. So apart from the obvious health benefits, Tom teaches authors how to ‘meditate’ to get inspiration and words for their books. He works with businesses showing them how to tap into light bulb moments on demand. He also teaches how we can change the nature and speed of our thoughts so we can get more done in less time.

He still doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up!

Tom Evans
author | meditation guide | speaker

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The Soulwaves Anthology : Book Three

The third book in the Soulwaves Anthology. The Duadex takes up from where Soulwaves : Insertions finished up.

In Epoch Seven of the Universe, all sentience civilisations are connected in a period of Great Awakening. There is an evolution from planetary guardians to cosmic caretakers.


Tom Evans
educator | coach | author

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