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In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow author, Les Jensen.

Author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, Les was born into a Mormon household in Brigham City, Utah, the last of seven children. This laissez faire situation allowed him significant freedom to explore his strong sense of independence and to indulge his curiosity about the world around him, how it worked, and the people within it.

His technical skills eventually led to a very successful career in engineering in the broadcast industry, and it was here that he experienced a “spiritual awakening.” He hadn’t had a spiritual notion of himself before that, but decades of studying the nature of frequency, energy and very high levels of power in television had prepared him for working with the energy of human consciousness. And then his life-path changed.

Everything Les had learned about energy would later show up in many ways, including his writings. His language was that of karma, emotions, mental stigmas, energy bodies, and levels of consciousness (and the power behind them). Meanwhile, years before becoming an author, Les experienced this energy in the form of a lifechanging moment when he “broke himself wide open.” He felt so much energy pouring out of his personal persona that he went inside his inner self and started cleaning up whatever he found that didn’t serve his well-being. More or “less” naturally, such life-altering changes led to the creation of New Human Living in 2009, a global platform to assist humanity in discovering its own truth.

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Without any bias towards a religious group or existing establishment, Les kept the focus of all of his material on the personal empowerment of the individual, where the guidance of the best life path came from each individual’s heart. Based on the notion that the Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us now and always, and by keeping the focus on the purity of the individual’s energy, Les’ material transcends the inherent cultural bias of those existing establishments’ beliefs.

Les Jensen
author | radio host | speaker | energy master | visionary

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