Speaking of Love


In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow podcast host, La Toya Bond.


La Toya Bond is a legal professional by day and a business owner/entrepreneur by night.

She is also the host of a weekend podcast show called, “Speaking Of Love”.

La Toya created this podcast as a platform for spreading love in honor of her dad who died by suicide in 2020. For reasons unknown, her dad murdered his wife moments before taking his own life. In an effort to raise mental health awareness and suicide prevention, La Toya has dedicated her life to helping individuals like her dad who are struggling with the affects of mental health challenges; which often leads to suicide.

She is currently a field advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She is also a certified Suicide Preventionist and Interventionist.

Audio Only Version of Interview with La Toya


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​”l LOVE making people happy — it’s my addiction! My goal in life is to sprinkle a little LOVE every where l go!  My artistic work is an autobiographical display of the LOVE I have inside of my heart. My business started as a love mission and has now grown into a profitable business. I am very blessed that God has chosen my creative talent as an instrument of his LOVE! Beautiful Creations, L.L.C. is a platform for spreading LOVE — the strongest magnetic force in the Universe!”

La Toya Bond



La Toya Bond
legal professional | entrepreneur | suicide preventionist | interventionist


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