Judith Rockert


In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to her long time friend, Judith Rockert.

Judith Rockert

Have you ever had a friend that, without them in your life, your life simply would not be the same?

A friend whose unconditional love, wisdom, compassion, humour, kindness, along with the ability to be real at all times, is enough to make you weep with the kind of gratitude that goes far beyond words?

For me, that person is Judith Rockert. Judith and I have known each other for over 40 years!

Last month she called to tell me that the doctors told her she has a short time to live.

That was enough for David and me to fly the 3,000 miles from Victoria to Toronto and be with her.


This song was written with love by David Halliwell & Junie Swadron

David Halliwell – Guitar, Saxophone – Reiner  Piehl,  Carrie-Ann Leippi and Wynn Gogol – music producer.

Lyrics Below


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What I didn’t know was that she has a death date. She has chosen M.A.I.D. (Medical Assistance in Dying).

On June 27th — only days from today — Judith will take her last breath. It’s hard to wrap my head, and especially my heart, around this.

This is my first experience with someone who has chosen assisted dying, and what is remarkable to me is that if you were to meet Judith, or even talk to her on the telephone, she is one of the most positive, upbeat, incredibly optimistic people you would ever meet.

She told me, “Junie, I’m not afraid of dying. I’m going onto my next adventure.

I’m afraid of living in a body that is rapidly breaking down, and — God forbid — it would be up to my family to have to take care of me.”

Judith and I speak often ,and every time, she is the one who uplifts me! I ask her, “Judith, how are you today?”

Without a moment’s hesitation she replies, “I am in escalating bliss!”

Then she’ll go on to tell me about her day and who came to see her and the incredible gift she has been given to have such rich visits and conversations that are straight from the heart with the people she loves and who love her.

I know all about that. We have had so many of those precious exchanges. And whenever my mental health challenges reared their ugly head, Judith was my champion, my lifeline.

Judith knows a lot about that. Her beautiful son, Mitch, who suffered with schizophrenia, took his life many years ago. You can read about Mitch on my blog.

Even with that — even with the unthinkable grief that a parent endures in the face of losing their child, Judith chose LIFE.

She found ways to re-frame and re-write the story, focusing on the incredible gift of having Mitch in her life as long as she did — a man of great beauty, artistry, love, and kindness. Well, they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

One day every one of us will be saying our final good-bye.


Choose to live the best life you have, and let your love be your everlasting legacy.

Junie & Judith

Song for Judith – Let’s Not Say Goodbye

June, 2022

I can feel your heartbeat

I can feel you breathing

All across the timelines

Coming through the Light Lines

Where I’m waiting…waiting.


I cannot say goodbye to you

My friend, my ally so true

Through the years – you’ve always cared

No matter what – no matter where

Feel me calling…calling


Our hearts were joined so long ago

Even though, yes even though

You’ve selected a time to leave

You’ll live inside me – with every breath I breathe

Your love will forever endure

In all the prevails – near or far

I know you – and I’ll feel your heart

I’ll feel you from wherever you are…


Music Instrumental … Feel me calling…calling


I can feel your heart beat

I can feel your eyes reach

Far beyond my failings

It’s heaven when I’m bathing

In your Light…

Far beyond my failings

It’s heaven when I’m bathing

In your Light


Dear Judith we will meet again

Let’s not say goodbye – now or then

For in eternity – there is no time

In the light connecting you and I

Forever…. forever friend of mine

My forever valentine


…I can feel your heart beat

…I can feel your eyes reach…

Ohmmmmmmm……..Music – David Halliwell Lyrics – Junie Swadron & David Halliwell

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