The Thought Has No Power


In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow author, Evakarin Wallin.

Evakarin Wallin is on a mission to guiding coaches from being stuck to empowered in business.

”My purpose is to help coaches to choose a bigger and better life for themselves.”


If you are looking for a professional mindset mentor and coach who can guide you never to be stopped by your fears, frustrations or overwhelm, you have come to the right place. Evakarin helps you find the obstacles that stands in the way of you creating the life and business you want.

She has close to 20 years of experience of working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and have guided them to achieve remarkable success. Evakarin´s mission and commitment are to teach you how you can take any obstacle you face, and transform it into a possibility.

My path to becoming a teacher became clear at a very early age. I remember   standing in my room living in a small village in Sweden. I was all by myself pretending I had a big audience, learning from my teachings. I was even speaking English.

Evakarin, thrives and is fulfilled knowing that her clients by finding peace in their mind, will feel better about who they are. They will be able to trust themselves and can achieve the visions they have.

She says, ”What sets me apart from other coaches and mentors is that my work goes deep within and create lasting changes. I can also teach you to do the same, so you can feel confident engaging me to guide you to solve these challenges.”


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“The Thought Has No Power” will be published into English in 2022. Watch for it!

The thought itself has no power. It is the feeling that has the power. Of course, you can influence your emotions with the help of thoughts. But capturing the thoughts in the moment and remembering to change them to influence an unwanted feeling you have requires strong motivation, hard work and perseverance.

There is an easier way and that is what I present in this book. My opinion is that there is far too much talk about thoughts. It may be reflected in our culture, which is based on the intellectual and often despises emotions. As a result, we do not learn to understand emotions. When it feels good we feel good and when it feels bad we feel bad. But what controls our emotions? Is there an easier way to influence our emotions? What are we going to do with them? You will find the answer in this book.

Evakarin Wallin
coach | author

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