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In this episode, host Junie Swadron talks to fellow author, and Chakra Shaman, Cheryl Stelte.

Cheryl Stelte is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Coach & Founder of Intuitive Energy Healing & Empowerment Practitioner Program. Best selling author of Client Magnet, The Coaches Guide to Attracting Ideal Clients through Spiritual Awareness and Heal Your Neck Issues & Let Your Throat Chakra Shine. Cheryl helps people transform themselves and their lives, becoming who they truly are and shine with their purpose. After 25+ years of spiritual practice and study, Cheryl is grateful to dedicate all her working hours to helping others.

Cheryl was drawn to meditation early on and over the last 25+ years, has studied, practiced and taught various forms of meditation. Her initial motivator was to heal her own severe depression; she soon got off anti-depressants and never went back.

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Her spiritual journey and her love of the forests, mountains and oceans drew Cheryl to shamanism, where she trained with many shamanic teachers and has since developed Heart Centered Shamanism. Cheryl was a Senior Teacher of IAMHeart and received certification as a Spiritual Leader, Coach, Mentor, Retreat Guide and Hurqalya Energy Healing Practitioner. She now helps others through healing and empowerment. 

Cheryl is a Canadian, living in Denver, CO with her husband John. She  enjoys beauty, traveling, making duck pate, and most of all, being of service.

Cheryl Stelte
author | the chakra shaman

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with Guest Cheryl Stelte
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