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The Soul Connection Podcast, with Junie Swadron

Junie Swadron

Welcome! The Soul Connection Podcast will inspire you to step into your power, and know that no matter what your history has been, no matter how awesome or how tarnished, your life matters, and you have what it takes to succeed in life — on your terms!

That’s what my guest speakers are all about, and when I speak with them soul to soul, we see how we are so connected to one another. Even when we come from different lands, cultures, languages, and histories . . . in our hearts, we are truly one.

My podcast guests are people who have transcended hurdles and hardships to now honour their life journey — all of it — knowing that every day is sacred, every day a blessing, an opportunity to discover, grow, give thanks, and give back.

My guests seek out the gifts and lessons in life’s challenging circumstances, enabling them to learn and grow. Some gifts come wrapped with ribbons and bows, others with two-by-fours — not at all desirable — yet it is these that often carry the greatest treasures of all! They then go on to show others, each in their own unique way, how to do the same.

It is my wish that every episode inspires you to see the best in yourself that is reflected through the speaker’s experience, which could be relatable to your own. Look for the similarities, look for what’s possible, even if up to now, you weren’t sure. Expect aha moments. Expect to feel inspired, uplifted, and enlivened as you move forward in your day.

The Soul Connection Podcast is the antidote to anything that makes you feel you don’t matter. In fact it is the Elixir of Creative Expression at its inspired best — here to empower everyone who listens.

It’s Your Turn to Show Up, Stand Up, Live it Up, and be unapologetically YOU!

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Junie’s Musings, Reflections, and Deliberations

In this first episode of Junie’s Musings, Reflections, and Deliberations I read from a journal entry Christmas Eve, 1981. “I just lit a candle and said a prayer for the people in Poland . . . ”  I compare what is going on today by those holding power in the political arenas to that of 40 years ago when the entry was written — that little, if anything, has changed. It was written for a sociology paper. I begin the paper from this heart-centred plea to an intellectual approach for a university assignment — and at the end realize that the stance I took was that of one who feels powerless to change the horrors of the world. I shifted that opinion before submitting the paper . . . and have lived my life ever since as one who refuses to be a victim of outer circumstances. My life mission is helping others to do the same, to find their voice, to speak their truth, to stand up for personal and human rights.

August 30th, 2021

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And now it’s time to introduce my first guest on the The Soul Connection Podcast, Tom Evans!

In Episode #001, I interview fellow author, meditation guide, and author’s mentor, Tom Evans, about his insatiable curiosity.

>> Listen to Episode #001 with Tom Evans

In Episode #002, I have a conversation with the participants of  my Your Life Matters Author Mentorship Program.

>> Listen to Episode #002 with participants of my Author Mentorship Program.

In Episode #003, listen to author and psychotherapist, Heather Kent, describe the different kinds of narcissists. You may be surprised!

>> Listen to Episode #003 with Heather Kent

In Episode #004, I interview Stephanie James, author, transformational life coach, psychotherapist, dynamic public speaker, published author, and filmmaker about the challenges of real life.

>> Listen to Episode #004 with Stephanie James

In Episode #005, I interview fellow author, Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD, DD as he teaches and counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.

>> Listen to Episode #005 with Rabbi Wayne Dosick

In Episode #006, I interview fellow author and Chakra Shaman, Cheryl Stelte. She talks about her new book, Client Magnet. Who doesn’t want to be a client magnet?

>> Listen to Episode #006 with Cheryl Stelte

In Episode #007, I interview fellow author and book publishing expert, Becky Norwood. She gives us good advice on how to get your book published.

>> Listen to Episode #007 with Becky Norwood

In Episode #008, I interview fellow author and relationship coach, Michelle Hoffmann. She talks about her books and relationship tips and tricks.

>> Listen to Episode #008 with Michelle Hoffmann

In Episode #009, I interview fellow author Suzanne Ross. She talks about waking up and rising up to your full potential.

>> Listen to Episode #009 with Suzanne Ross

In Episode #010, I interview fellow author Les Jensen, as he discuses how to control your emotions.

>> Listen to Episode #010 with Les Jensen

In Episode #011, I interview fellow author Jason Freeman. This inspiring episode teaches us how to see all our potential above all adversity. With the most amazing and contagious energy and smile!

>> Listen to Episode #011 with Jason Freeman

In Episode #012, I interview fellow author Devorah Spilman, as she tells us how we can find our own Soul Story. 

>> Listen to Episode #012 with Devorah Spilman

In Episode #013, I interview fellow author Lawrence J.W. Cooper. In this episode, Lawrence and I discuss the power of poetry and how it changed his life for the better.

>> Listen to Episode #013 with Lawrence JW Cooper

In Episode #014, I interview fellow author Megan Edge, as we talk about natural healing and how it benefits our lives.

>> Listen to Episode #014 with Megan Edge

In Episode #015, I interview fellow coach Ann Ljungberg. Ann discusses cloning your business so you can certify others to operate it for you. 

>> Listen to Episode #015 with Ann Ljungberg

In Episode #016, I interview fellow coach Eric Hellman, as we talk about to his inner wisdom, personal healing, facing fears and doing what he loves.

>> Listen to Episode #016 with Eric Hellman

In Episode #017, I interview fellow author Ell Graniel. In this episode, we discuss how you can say what you want and get it!

>> Listen to Episode #017 with Ell Graniel

In Episode #018, I interview fellow podcast host La Toya Bond, as we talk about coping with suicide of a loved one. There is always HOPE!

>> Listen to Episode #018 with La Toya Bond

In Episode #019, I interview fellow author Maggie Reidy. In this episode, we discuss her children’s book about living during the pandemic.

>> Listen to Episode #019 with Maggie Reidy

In Episode #020, I interview fellow author RJ Spina, as we talk about his new book, “Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair”. A must listen in these difficult times!

>> Listen to Episode #020 with RJ Spina

Discovering what resides within you is an unforgettable journeyit has all the makings of an amazing adventure; mystery, suspense, forgotten Selves, treasure, transformation, and ultimately Self Love. Self Love is the currency with which we can manifest anything we desire. —Anarah


Your Life Matters, by Junie Swadron

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