Photographed by Rick Collins, an editorial documentary photographer based in Victoria-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


 For over three decades, Junie Swadron has been sharing the incredible therapeutic benefits of writing with her clients. And now, thanks to her ground-breaking Re-Write Your Life program, you too can harness the power of the written word to heal and grow. This innovative online course has already helped over 5,000 students transform their lives, and was the most popular writing and healing program on the Daily OM. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to rewrite your own story and find true empowerment!

Junie expanded upon the success of the online workshop series in 2009 with publication of her book, Re-Write Your Life – A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives.

 Welcome to the exciting world of Re-Write Your Life coaching! Junie, the founder of this premier program, is thrilled to pass the torch to a fresh generation of therapists, healers, and personal development coaches.

 Introducing the next generation of Re-Write Your Life Coaches – a group of exceptional individuals’ hand-selected by Junie to help guide you towards true happiness and fulfillment! With a passion for empowering people to reach their full potential, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and each one has their own unique specializations.


Meet my certified Re-Write Your Life Coaches! 

Meriel Randerson

With certifications as a meditation & yoga teacher, degrees in occupational therapy and counselling psychology, Meriel is passionate about being a certified Re-Write Your Life Coach. With the expert guidance of Junie Swadron, creator of the Re-Write Your Life Program, Meriel has mined her own life stories for the gems that were buried beneath hurt and pain, transforming the guilt, shame, sadness and anger that previously held her back from being the empowered, joy-filled, confident woman she is today. Meriel is ready to help you, in her gentle and compassionate way, to reveal the gifts that even life’s most difficult experiences contain. (Specialties include grief and loss, caregiving, being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, chronic pain, body image, anxiety and depression, and customized guided imagery scripts created especially for you.)  250-383-0090

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Carolyn Clarke

Carolyn Clarke has had a lifelong fascination for transformation, expressed through various careers and creative passions.  With four decades of experience as a Life + Wellness Coach, Registered Professional Counsellor, and also certified in EFT Tapping, NLP, and a Trainer in “Infinite Possibilities” and soon “Re-Write Your Life Mastery”, she’s supported thousands in their personal growth through
one-on-one private work, presentations, workshops, retreats + speaking engagements.  She is also an author and published writer of numerous articles, and was chosen as a 2021 Brainz Magazine 500 Global Award winner.

The journey as a Human Being naturally involves experiencing change, sometimes chosen and sometimes not.  No one is exempt at arriving at those personal and professional points where taking stock of self and life becomes necessary, pondering “What comes next?”

Carolyn is a compassionate listener, healer, guide and educator, supporting individuals and groups (most who are in mid-life) to “tap into transitions” as opportunities to grow, listen to heart and core values and say “YES!” to the potential of life’s deliberate transformation and next meaningful adventures. Shifting old limiting beliefs and emotions invites reclaiming unrealized dreams into refreshed holistic health, creativity, purpose and joy! She truly loves her work and helping people.  Transformation also shines in Carolyn’s photography.

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Carolyn is offering two free gifts for people who come to her from Junie’s directory. **

1) My “You Really CAN Be Less Stressed and Anxious, Even When the World Is CRAZY!” stress assessment tool

2) A 25-minute recorded video session in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) on this same topic…”You Really CAN Be Less Stressed and Anxious, Even When the World Is CRAZY!”

Carolyn J. Clarke Programs®
Life Coach + Registered Professional Counselor + Certified EFT Practitioner  604-989-8885     P.O. Box 1643, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 Canada

 Mitra Agni Atma

Greetings! I am a Re-Write Your Life coach, contemplative photographer, inspirational speaker, community educator and healing facilitator. My personal healing journey through a catastrophic spinal injury with traumatic stress shaped me into a teacher-healer with certifications in Ayurvedic Wellness Counselling, yoga, meditation, chronic pain self-management, grief counselling and plant medicine. I delight in sharing the wisdom I have gleaned to empower others to reflect and bring forth their own stories for healing and self-empowerment. As we re-write our narratives and share them, we heal the past, release the future and live an authentically whole and fulfilled life based in joy, wonder, gratitude and peace.   

Lisa Hope

Lisa has been spreading her creativity around since her early 20’s, making stop motion animations for her daughter with her grandmother’s video recorder and random videos for her family and friends by clipping VHS tapes of footage she took of them.

When she was 33, she obtained her diploma as a computer technician in anticipation of her web designing career.  She did not want to send her computer away to be fixed while in the middle of a project, so she learned how to fix it herself. As with most things in her life.

When her four children were old enough, Lisa went back to college and graduated her design program, New Media/Communications/Design, with honours at the age of 44. This experience opened her eyes to other ways of releasing her creativity and she moved away from the web designing. Since then she has been into many aspects of design and video for clients across Canada. She worked at a couple advertising agencies, learning the behind the scenes of a print shop, designed huge billboards and signs, was a creative for a local newspaper, and she has produced many visuals for small businesses, light workers, and musicians.

She began her spiritual journey shortly after she graduated. Working with a diverse group of light workers along the way when she drove taxi in Sidney, BC. She found her true self and purpose in life with the tools she obtained through people that she feels were sent to her divinely.

She moved to Mexico during the pandemic and managed a local rock band in Puerto Vallarta while writing her book, “There’s Always Hope – Finding yourself in your empty nest.” She wants to help others learn who they are and find their own happiness in their own empty nests. Her own life experiences of  how to start a new life without children, helps her connect with others going through this tough time in life.

She has now found herself in the magical world of transformational coaching and is a recently certified facilitator of the “Re-Write Your Life” program. She hopes to use her book and divine knowledge to help others who are ready to take themselves to the next level in their life with the help from her online courses “Re-Write Your Life” and “There’s Always Hope” both full of her own life experiences.

Her passions lie with helping people through her love, knowledge, and creativity in an exciting and visually pleasing way to enhance people with their lives. She loves producing music, course content, and video podcast videos to keep her creative juices flowing.


Testimonial from Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

“Junie Swadron is both a guide and a muse. Her book is a bright lantern, illuminating the often dark and tricky terrain of the soul. Grounded in personal experience, her techniques catalyze the deep authenticity possible to us all.”

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