Re-Write Your Life

A Transformational Guide to Writing

and Healing the Stories of Our Lives

[This book stands alone, and is also an excellent companion to my Re-Write Your Life online course.]

Are You Ready To Have This Book Transform Your Life?

Have you ever considered writing your life stories but then have stopped yourself because there are things you’d just rather not remember let alone write about?

What if there was a way of returning to those same stories that when you thought of them, you felt empowered rather than disturbed? A way that would transform how you felt about yourself as well as certain people and events from your past?

Are you thinking, I wouldn’t even know where to begin?  If so, you needn’t give it another thought.  This is what my book is about.

Re-Write Your Life – A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives is a unique guided experience that  empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past. As a result you will be become happier, have more peace in your life, and will, perhaps for the first time, begin to fully accept and appreciate every story you have ever lived.

How do we do this? We do it by re-writing our stories.  How many times have we told ourselves a story about something painful that has happened to us and then hung onto that story for years? We haven’t known how to let it go, heal ourselves and move on. What if there is a different way to see the same story – a gentle path that would empower you, liberate you and bring peace and joy to your life today?

All of us have experienced heartbreak, regrets, and sorrow in our life. Yet many people go on to live joyful, creative and fulfilled lives in spite of their history, while others hold onto the pain and are unhappy, frustrated and can’t seem to move forward.

Re-Write Your Life guides you through a profound, yet simple process that offers a gentle way out of that loop – a way that sheds light through self-love, forgiveness and compassion. And it is based on 20 years of teaching this method in my writing workshop: Sacred Stories, Celebrating Your Life Journey as well as in my private psychotherapy practice and literally witnessing thousands of people’s lives transform.

You will be guided to write your stories of gratitude, of forgiveness, or about the times you were stronger than you thought. You will remember significant moves and significant relationships and write about the stories that have shaped your life and brought meaning to it.

Woven throughout the book are many of my own personal life stories such as  the time I came out of hospital after another bout of clinical depression – and writing the play Madness, Masks and Miracles to help me let go of a life time of  shame  for having bi-polar illness. The play is about the madness or the dark night of the soul that we all go through as we take our human walk on earth, the masks we wear to hide the madness lest we be  ostracized, criticized, and marginalized, and finally the miracles that let us take off our masks and be our true selves. The writing of that play brought me out of years of shame. If you or anyone you know has a mental illness, you won’t want to miss this story – or any of the inspirational stories by 33 other writers  in this book – stories that will stir your heart and inspire you to pick up your pen and write your own stories of transformation, healing and growth.

What if by using this process and transforming your life it helped just one person you know to take that same courageous step and heal their life too? Would it be worth it? By re-writing our stories we give others permission to move beyond their fear and do the same.

That is what inspired me to write this book. When I was finally willing to let go of that which no longer served me and open myself to a process that would free me of the stories I was holding onto, I was able to see the gifts and lessons each person and circumstance had come to teach me. This has been the greatest gift I could ever give to myself and now I extend it to you.

So if you are ready to let go of the past, free up your energy to truly live in today, then please allow me be your guide.

“Junie Swadron is both a guide and a muse. Her book is a bright lantern, illuminating the often dark and tricky terrain of the soul. Grounded in personal experience, her techniques catalyze the deep authenticity possible to us all.” —Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

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Re-Write Your Life Memory Prompts

In every chapter and every theme in the book, there is a “Let’s Write” section that contain memory prompts to help bring back the details of specific situations, people and events. Many people like to ‘listen” to them rather than read them. I have made a recording of everything that you can down load here:

You may purchase all 23 memory prompts including:

  • 1 introductory audio
  • 1 focusing and centering audio
  • 1 invocation audio
  • 20 memory prompts (1 for each chapter of the book)

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  • Dear June, I bought your book and started reading it and doing the exercises that very night. I am finding them very helpful and I like the way your word the questions in the suggestions before writing. I’m very impressed with how meaningful your questions are, they are not mechanical nor monotonous, they sound like they come from a very caring and involved part of you, I very much like how much care radiates from the entire book. Just for your information, I was doing the exercises, everything was going along smoothly, and then I came to the exercise “About My Father.” I stayed on it for 3 days! It was disconcerting to be “stuck” there, but eventually it became amusing, and finally profound. I went with my intuitive sense and just stayed with the topic, re-reading your questions each day and writing whatever unfolded. Each day what I wrote was very surprising, very unexpected, and I had revelations which had never occurred to me previously in my work with this “issue.” I found myself getting images of what my father might have been when he was a boy, and what his relationship with his mother was, and with his brothers. I have never found myself examining those aspects previously. It was most healing. I was moved, for the first time, to a feeling of incredible compassion towards him. Thank you for your dedication and courage in writing the book and seeing it to completion. And thank you for the beautiful energy you put into it. It is a very healing book. Elvina Saine-Marie

  • "If you want to be the best you can be, Re-Write Your Life is the perfect guide to getting clear about what's true today and what is a story from the past that deprives you of happiness. This is a must if you want total success."T.Harv Eker, Author of #1NY Times Best Seller:Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

  • "If you are suffering from the events in your past, Junie's loving guidance through re-writing stories about those times will support you to experience them in a healing way. As a result you will find freedom you never imagined possible."Azim Jamal, #1 Amazon Best Selling co-author of The Power of Giving

  • "Touching, and potentially life altering! Re-Write Your Life invites the reader into a rich tapestry of personal soul writings. Lovingly and skillfully crafted, this book evokes a desire to follow the author's path, listen to our deepest voices, re-write our stories from our hearts and heal from the inside out. Multi voices of human struggles and joys are interwoven with practical tools that catalyze a writing journey into healing. This is a book to savour, cherish and recommend without reservation."Carol Douglas, MD FRCPC Psychiatry

  • Junie guides us through a gentle process that is both healing and empowering. …my past no longer haunts me but enriches and enlightens me to a new aliveness. … a true gift to myself.”Rev. Doris Trinh Lewis, Unity Church, Victoria, BC

  • “Junie’s raw honesty with her personal stories sets the tone for an inspirational book that will nudge all readers to open up to writing their own experiences. The stories here are moving, some heart wrenching, and truly awaken more appreciation for life; they speak to the ability of the human spirit to transcend circumstances, accidents, dysfunctional families and all challenges, and most definitely remind us that by writing our own stories, we can gain a deeper insight into our lives. Anyone reading these stories will be lifted up!”Melba Burns, Ph.D., writer, writing coach, author of Woo Your Writer Within

  • "This book is wonderful, amazing and wise. I was inspired to write from the very first pages. But it does more than simply inspire—it is a map. It guides its readers, with signposts and specific details, in how to write their life stories. As a Hospice counsellor, I lead journaling groups to help people express and work through their grief, but for many it is hard to continue this process when alone. Rewrite Your Life provides the encouragement and support needed for anyone to begin and continue on their own. I would recommend it to any of my grieving clients, and to anyone at all who wants to examine their life to find healing and joy and discover the sheer pleasure of writing their life story."Steve Silvers, Hospice Counsellor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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