Re-Write Your Life Downloadable Course


Re-Write Your Life is now an online course available through DailyOm!

Imagine waking up each morning, full of grace and optimism, relieved of what you once felt were insurmountable burdens. This is what you can look forward to as you re-write your life stories with an attitude that your healing journey is simply non-negotiable. You are ready to live with peace and harmony and that is when big magic happens. Ready to transform your story? Learn more and register for the course here.

If you are ready to live the life you love, put the past to bed, and live life fully in today, I can help!

My confidence is rooted in my work for over 20 years as a psychotherapist, international speaker, workshop facilitator, professional writing coach, author and playwright. As well, I spend time as a peer support worker and certified facilitator of WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) at the BC Schizophrenia Society, Victoria, BC Branch.

I have guided literally thousands of students and clients over the years in a unique process that has completely transformed how they experience their life journey. They were able to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with their past. You can too, with my online course, Re-Write Your Life.

Every story, no matter how painful, can become the elixir of healing, transformation and ultimately joy!

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