Madness, Masks & Miracles DVD


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This DVD is perfect for you if:
•You suffer with mental health challenges
•You feel isolated and alone with your concerns
•You are a concerned family member, friend, care giver or employer
•You are a mental health organization and have it available in your library
•You want to be deeply inspired

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to put on a different face, one that masks your true emotions, one that fools the outside world into thinking everything is just fine and dandy.

But that was me, hiding for months, year even; finding refuge under my stylish attire, cloaking my pain with a good sense of humour and concealing the grief with my work.

And it worked so well! I became a master of disguise so that no one on earth knew the truth.

But in the cold, dark entryways of my home, when solitude crept in, the mask would crack, and like a volcano of emotion the pain would erupt and the tears would flow like lava; first slowly, then furiously.

This would play itself out on a regular basis. The mask goes on, the mask comes off. And no one was the wiser.

But something had to give. I couldn’t keep up this charade forever.

What would happen when people found out my secret – that I lived with bi-polar illness?

Would that be the end of my career?

This decades-long struggle gave birth to Madness, Masks and Miracles©, a play conceived from the necessity to tell the truth.

It is about suffering, denial and secrets.

It is about friendship, humanity, and raw courage.

And ultimately it is about victory, the victory that came from the voices of those who wrote and starred in the production. Every person in the cast had their own mental health challenges or had a family member who did.

Madness, Masks and Miracles© is about the madness or the dark night of the soul we all go through, the masks we wear in public to keep from being judged, criticized, ostracized and marginalized.

And finally, it is about the miracles that let us remove the masks and let the world see who we really are.

It is a play to help dispel myths and stigmas about mental illness. It acts as a catalyst for honest open-hearted conversations about mental illness whether you are the sufferer, a family member, friend or care giver.

Everyone is affected. Everyone has a story to tell and each and every person deserves to be heard and acknowledged. It is only when all of us feel safe enough to shed the masks and speak authentically from our hearts that the madness ends and the miracles begin.

This is NOT a high-tech, big budget Hollywood production. Nonetheless, it’s just as powerful, just as meaningful, and just as authentic. The people are real. Their stories are real. And every line of the script that is acted on the stage comes from the heart and guts of true life experience.

And it’s now available on DVD.

Now you can bring Madness, Masks and Miracles© into your home, office or any other meeting place so that more people can benefit from its message.


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