Colouring Your Dreams Come True book


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Signed copy of Colouring Your Dreams Come True:
A Bedtime Story and Colouring Book for the Child Inside Every Adult

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Colouring Your Dreams Come True: A Bedtime Story and Colouring Book for the Child Inside Every Adult

Are you an adult having too much fun?

Do you walk around giggling for no apparent reason? Are you often late for things, sidetracked in the garden, enchanted by the flowers and butterflies? Maybe you couldn’t tear yourself away from your latest comic book series? Is your to-do list brimming over with spontaneity and unabashed joy? Are daily acts of kindness non-negotiable? Are people becoming happier just being around you? Or are you hearing whispers that you are simply having too much fun?

Warning: Your inner child is about to burst forth! The book you are holding in your hands has miraculous powers that will transform every steadfast adult into an even more spectacular human being, living the most glorious life imaginable!

Get ready to meet Jolly-Beam, a Charismatic Being from a land not so far, far away… and Colour Your Dreams Come True!

Junie Swadron is a psychotherapist, author, playwright, international speaker, and writing coach. She mentors writers to become authors, inspiring their voice on the page to become their voice in the world. Junie believes that creative expression is vital for us all. Her goal is to bring awareness of her belief that feeding ourselves, each other and the planet with increasing bundles of joy, kindness, tender love and care should be what matters most.

Siri Stiklestad Opli’s passion has always been to paint and draw. Her painting style is very intuitive. Siri embraces colours, floating forms and turning the energy she receives from words into unique paintings. She loves illustrating and she loves words. It is natural that her incredible gift attracts commissions from poets, bloggers and authors from around the globe. If you have words that require imagery, connect with Siri through her website: Siri makes her home in Norway.