Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed

when you listen to the news

and the reporters are broadcasting all

the despair that is happening in the world

I do!

Luckily, a friend sent me the solution and it’s just too groovy not to share.

Groovy? Yes! – No other word would do!

After you watch it, make sure you come back and read my poem and prayer and consider writing your own. Let’s create a poem prayer blog for the earth and for ourselves for 2013.

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You can talk about yesterday
or talk about tomorrow
You can talk about the falling dollar
talk about your sorrow
You can talk about chemicals
and how they’re poisoning the earth
You can talk about how bad it is
and how it’s getting worse

Or you can take this moment
and softly close your eyes
Breathe a breath from deep within
and do not compromise
Take another and then another
and in the stillness feel
The wonder of this moment –
can this too be real?

Stay within the silence
and notice what you hear
Listen with your heart
and watch your fears all disappear

For in this very moment
a miracle is due
If you listen with your heart
there will be a message just for you.

A child is being born right now;
can you hear the sound of life
In a little church just down the way
vows are being made as man and wife

Somewhere on a hilltop
a traveler has found her way
And the dew upon the morning grass
has welcomed a brand new day.

Stay within this moment
for the miracle is here
There’s nothing that you need to do
nothing but be sincere

Life is bursting forth in every breath
And in the stillness find
A place to love, a place to join
with every heart and mind.

Rejoice for in this moment
you can send blessings near and far
Rejoice for in this moment
you are a living star
And every time you feel afraid
and wonder what to do
Come back to this one moment
and know the miracle is you.

Wishes and Prayers for 2013:

My Prayers For Humanity

I pray for unprecedented peace upon our planet. That the people of war put down their guns and go home.
I pray for conscious leadership and release from war. That the olive branch is extended to our brothers and sisters everywhere.
I pray for collective honouring of all beings through inspired voices of community
I pray for equitable redistribution of living resources and prosperity as our collective birth right.
I pray we hold each other in compassion and love.


To live with gratitude

To maintain my sense of humour

To listen with kindness; to act with love

To live by inspiration and not in have-to’s and should’s

To let go of the past and all that no longer serves me

To offer my gifts with love and joy

And Always Remember to Dance!

The Ho’oponopono Prayer:

This is a very potent Hawaiian Prayer

to be used for yourself and humanity

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

I Love You

Thank you

Happy New Year. God Bless You and
May All Your Dreams and Prayers Come True! 

Love, Junie


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