Your Life Matters: A Conversation with Junie Swadron and Pat Sheveland

In June 2020, I was interviewed about my work by my dear friend and colleague, Pat Sheveland.

This interview is about the way I work with people to draw out their stories, how to help you claim your voice if it has been stolen from you.

Pat Sheveland and I discuss my passion and success in the culmination of all the work I’ve done over my lifetime as a workshop facilitator, writing coach, author, playwright, speaker, and psychotherapist: coaching writers and would-be writers to write their stories—and I love it!

Do you want to write a memoir or tell your story, but don’t know where to begin?

Perhaps over this period of isolation during the pandemic, you’ve been reflecting on your life—the choices you’ve made, what truly matters—and there are things you’ve learned, and you realize that you want to write your life stories, because Your Life Matters.

Perhaps you have packed up and moved your life from one country to another, and you’d like to write about your experiences. Or you’ve gone from rags to riches literally or emotionally and you’d like to share your story with others.

Or you’ve recently retired from a career that gave meaning and purpose to your life. You know what a gift it would be to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Or do you want to make a difference in the world with your expertise, wisdom, and brilliance as a successful business leader or coach? Your book is your calling card!

Watch the video to learn all about this and more—and if you have EVER had a dream to write a book and that dream/vision/wish/prayer is one that you have expressed to yourself and to The Universe more than once, then be sure to book a complimentary call with me. Don’t wait. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

These dreams that keep coming back may not be an accident (nothing is, by the way).

Your dream to write your book could be indeed your Destiny.

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