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If you would like my personal help with writing your memoir, you are invited to schedule a complimentary strategy session here in my calendar.

If writing your memoir is a dream that keeps coming back and you are ready to make that happen, my book, Your Life Matters, gives you all the steps.

If, however, you have some trepidation about going it alone, or you have begun and are getting stuck and would like to discuss how I can assist you through the process, it would be my honour.

Schedule your free strategy session here in my calendar.

Once you schedule your call, I will send you some questions. Please take some quiet time to fill them out and send them back at least a day before we meet. The questions will help you move even deeper into why writing your memoir is important to you, and your answers will help me get to know you better and streamline our call in a way that is personal to you.

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Your Life Matters, by Junie Swadron

Praise for Your Life Matters!

“With Your Life Matters! Junie Swadron has written a book about human transformation and she uses her reader’s pen and life story to accomplish this evolutionary task. But first, she courageously shows you the way by sharing her own intimately profound teaching moments with every practical step in her excellent guide on how to write a memoir. Only you can write about your truth because only you have lived it. And only Swadron can show you how to do it with humour, vulnerable strength and fabulous style.” — Catherine Hedrich, Comox, BC, Canada

“I never thought it could feel so simple. Junie’s book is truly an inspiration. I was compelled to keep reading as I was drawn onward through the easy steps as I put pen to paper. Best of all, it feels like she is still right here with me, supporting me with every stroke of the pen, as I write, recognize, and know that my life matters.” — Donna E. Francis, Victoria, BC, Canada

“For those with a burning desire to write their memoir, Junie torches every negative emotion, cuts through the harsh inner critic who sets up our self-imposed obstacles and then she illuminates the pathway to liberation. Junie sets the stage for the freedom to reveal the life stories that will make a fabulously interesting journey of self-discovery for the writer as well as the reader. Brilliant!” — Judith Rockert, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Like an angel, Junie Swadron embraces you all the way on this challenging terrain of finding your voice and tackling your toughest fears. And like magic, your cocooned story is ready to emerge.” — Alissa Friedman, Chicago, Illinois, USA


From the introduction of Your Life Matters!

“My heart welcomes you here, ready and excited to teach you what I have come to know about how to write life stories — to be the scribe, the author of the adventures you have lived. You will look back in time with the eyes of a compassionate witness on all you have experienced in your life. As well as living your life fully in today, you will look back in time with a curious and compassionate heart, opening to what you remember, observing from a place of spaciousness and from the loves and losses of your life.

It is a stunning experience to step back, breathe, and take a good look at this living masterpiece — your life — from the age you are today, and notice who you have become and notice, too, the myriad ways you have become who you are.

This is you, honouring the magnificent life you have lived. You may feel trepidation, but my guess is that there is also exaltation because my words resonate with the truth of where you are right now — and because you are ready to write your memoir, even if you don’t know how to go about it or where to begin. You may be scared of the entire process of have thoughts that say, “Who am I to write a book? Who would read it and, if they did, what would they think of me then?”

If you have a dream to write your memoir and it keeps coming back to you, it is not an accident. It is your destiny and I know that you know in your heart the truth of this.”

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
— Anais Nin

What happens when you finally commit to
writing your memoir?

  • Self-fulfilment to know you have achieved your goals
  • Discover through the writing process a lot about your life you didn’t know — move from self-judgment to curiosity
  • Writing process and the magic of healing the past — the art of writing out your feelings, memories, etc brought clarity, awakening, surrender, a new perspective, forgiveness — let go of old resentments, bitterness — healed the past . . .
  • Recognizing how each life story and hardship has actually been a gift
  • Empowered by the process — having more energy than you have had in years
  • Find yourself grateful and singing for no particular reason at all!
  • Finally, have a goal for your future
  • Excited to leave a legacy — your story and your learnings with your family and even beyond
  • Dread has been replaced by optimism and new found excitement, passion and motivation. You are looking forward to the years ahead beginning with this brand new purpose as an author.” Imagine that. Me, an author!” Yup, you can imagine it now for sure!

I’ve been guiding writers to write their life stories for over 25 years. My books Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives, and Write Where You Are have assisted thousands of writers to move through fear and writer’s block. Many of my clients have become published authors.

Student testimonials

“It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend the professional writing and counselling services of Junie Swadron. As a novice writer, preparing my first book, I found Junie’s experience and coaching process invaluable. By means of attentive listening, focused feedback and counselling support, Junie facilitated my rough draft materials into a coherent narrative that is authentically mine. It has been a very exhilarating and reasonably priced ‘teamwork’ writing experience, for which I am grateful.” — Bill Israel, January 2019

“I hired Junie to be my writing mentor for a project I had put off for years. With the help of her book Write Where You Are and her insight when I couldn’t write, I have moved through so much self-judgment, self-criticism, and fear. My commitment to get my book done and the freedom from emotions that were holding me back has created an unstoppable flow. I feel lighter, freer and more powerful than I have in years. My book is now written, currently at the editors, and all within 3 months! And even though we were miles apart, and our coaching sessions were on the phone, I felt like we were in the same room together. Thank you, Junie!” — Cori Ellingson, Author of Choosing a Vibrant Life

“Junie has been a huge gift to my writing and for my personal well being. She is a rare combination of writing muse, mentor and counsellor. Whenever I hit a hurdle she was there to counsel me through the tough times and out the other side to a deeper knowing of who I am as a person and author. Above all she believed in me, and the book I am writing, long before I believed in myself. A million thank yous, Junie.” — Gillian Scadeng, July 2018

If you would like my personal help with writing your memoir,
please schedule your complimentary strategy session here in my calendar.

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