On January 2nd, I am doing something that I have NEVER done before.

I am taking everything I have ever learned about writing and the writing process and offering it in my FREE Masterclass Writing Workshop.

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I will be offering tools that span my 30 years as a teacher of writing and as a psychotherapist. For everyone who has ever wanted to express themselves through the medium of writing – whether you are a novice or seasoned writer…this is what this Free Writing Masterclass Workshop will offer you.

Sourcing from my long life as a writer – and my 30 years as a writing mentor, I will bring to you the best of what I have learned and what I now know.

I will share with you everything that it takes to write – I will give you the most salient points of what it means to be a writer – whether you are just experimenting and have never gone beyond a journal or whether you are in the process of writing a book — whatever your aspirations are for writing, there will be a plethora of information to help you go forward with your deep-seated heart wishes.

I will draw from my book, Re-Write Your Life, that teaches us that no matter what we have lived in the past, our past does not equal our future, that we can move into a new story by letting the past inform us in ways that makes us stronger than we thought – where we transcend the pain of the past into living fully now.

I will also be drawing from my book, Write Where You Are, which teaches us the tools to move beyond our blocks and fears and write where when are in any given moment – to release, express, re-live, remember, and revitalize our writing in brand new ways.

And I will draw from my latest book, Your Life Matters – where you will come to know the truth of this.

So many of us, no matter how much we have accomplished in our lives, no matter how far up the mountain we have climbed to get there and no matter what achievements have been prayers answered, by our own sweat and toil, we devalue them. It seems to never be enough. That we are not enough. It’s as if we carry an unworthy gene and can’t get past it. And it is that attitude and often unconscious beliefs that stops us in our tracks, that sabotage our best efforts from going forward, from even picking it up our pen in the first place.

I will help you dispel those myths and beliefs so that you can find the inner freedom to soar no matter what your art form is. 

You will learn why writing can be one of the most profound expressions of your soul – and discern whether it is even your soul’s calling. 

In this upside-down world where uncertainty seems to reign at the helm of our lives – the power of the pen of resting your heart on the page with your words will act as a soothing balm when your heart yearns for peace and tranquility.

Journalling wasn’t even a “thing” when I was growing up. We had diaries that were more akin to a hobby. Today journalling is encouraged, beginning in grade school.

Many journalers have found their way from the journal into poetic expression with poetry or prose, song and spoken word. It is an art form that feeds upon itself once you learn the craft and skill of letting go.

We don’t usually apply those words – skill and craft – to help us let go. In this case both are art forms when we allow the writing to do the writing without ego mind breaking our flow with criticism, doubt, or comparison with the works of others.

This writing calls for letting go in order to let it flow. It comes from the deep inner, raw, uncensored parts of us – the parts that are buried in the recesses of your hidden inner world readying to burst forth into the light of brilliant creative self-expression.

How often do we want to edit as we write?  We want to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We want to find better words and change the form and structure and placement of where they are.

This will stop us cold in our tracks.  We must give way to the parts of us that are yearning to be expressed in their raw form giving no heed to appropriateness or social concern for how it will sound or how it will be perceived.

This kind of writing is personal and honest and real and is for us to allow our authentic voice to finally come out and dance in a myriad of ways.

I will be with you as your guide during this entire process – giving you the tools and confidence to write in any form and any genre – poetry, fiction,  non-fiction – there is a craft in each of these, but what holds them all together is creative flow and that is what I will teach you.

You will realize from your own writing that you can apply creative flow to anything from dull business reports or purely academic papers or scientific journals.  Bring them alive with your own personality and playfulness.

We are creative beings, born with an impulse to create.  If writing is the creative expression that is calling to you, don’t hesitate to show up for my free 2-hour mastermind writing workshop on Monday, January 2nd from 4:00 am – 6:00 pm PST – you can register here.

I can’t wait to meet you there. Register here for the FREE Mastermind Writing Workshop today!

If you wish to talk to me about your writing process – whether you are thinking about writing a book or using writing to help you heal the past or you simply want to know how you can put pen to paper without fear of failure…. you can book a complimentary call with me and I will help guide you.

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