Junie’s Personal Story as told to
Bestselling Author Patricia Campbell

Join Patricia Campbell, #1 bestselling author, as she interviews her writing coach, Junie Swadron, to get the behind-the-scenes stories.

In their conversation, Junie discusses why Finding Your Hidden Voice and getting it on the page is what motivated her to use writing as a lifeline. She has since become a #1 bestselling author of several books, a playwright, and an author mentor. She has helped thousands of people over thirty years to find their voice on the page which has empowered them in their personal and professional lives. Learn how a little red diary given to an eleven-year-old girl paved the way for this courageous career.

If you are ready to learn the power of the pen for both healing the pain of the past and as a jumping off point for brilliant creative expression in poetry, books, plays, etc., then learn more about Junie and what she offers here. Currently, Junie is offering her Author Mentorship program. Learn how to write your story from the most empowered part of you and make this your year to stand proud with your brand new book in hand! Ready to write your book? For all details, click here.

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