Books and Plays by Junie Swadron


Colouring Your Dreams Come True: A Bedtime Story and Colouring Book for the Child Inside Every Adult

Colouring Your Dreams Come True

Are you an adult having too much fun? Do you walk around giggling for no apparent reason? Are you often late for things, sidetracked in the garden, enchanted by the flowers and butterflies? Warning: Your inner child is about to burst forth!

Written by Junie Swadron and illustrated by Siri Stiklestad Opli, this book will transform every steadfast adult into an even more spectacular human being, living the most glorious life imaginable.

Get ready to meet Jolly-Beam, a Charismatic Being from a land not so far, far away… and Colour Your Dreams Come True! Get the book.


Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives

Bonus Picture2Re-Write Your Life is a unique guided writing experience that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past so you can rejoice in your life today. This book stands alone, and is also an excellent companion to my Re-Write Your Life online course on DailyOm. Get the book.

Junie Swadron is both a guide and a muse. Her book is a bright lantern, illuminating the often dark and tricky terrain of the soul. Grounded in personal experience, her techniques catalyze the deep authenticity possible to us all.   —Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way



Write Where You Are: A Book for Those who Dream of Writing but Don’t Know Where to Begin

If you really want to write but don’t know where to begin, this book is for you!

It offers foolproof and often hilarious solutions to get even the biggest sceptics writing. It’s a guidebook that takes away all the fears you have locked in the closet. Purchase the book.




Madness Masks and Miracles: A Play to Help Dispel Myths and Stigmas about Mental Illness

Title ClipMadness, Masks and Miracles© is about the madness or the dark night of the soul we all go through as we walk our human journey, the masks we wear to hide the madness the sadness, heartbreak or grief lest we be judged and ostracized, and the miracles that allow us to take off our masks and stand tall in all of who we really are. Learn more here.



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