Jazzy's Miracle Mission bookOur most POPULAR creative endeavour, hands down, is Jazzy’s Miracle Mission,
a colouring book written by me and illustrated by my partner, David Halliwell.

It portrays the true story of our budgie, Jazzy, returning home after five days of inclement weather, predators, and who knows what else!

She refuses to share all of her adventures with us, but what we do know about her and her sweetheart, Jolly, is all laid out in this beautiful hand-crafted colouring book.

It’s a must read for everyone who loves miracles and loves to colour — a beautiful gift for every child and inner child on the planet! Only $15.00 plus shipping!

Please let me know how many copies you’d like at $15 each (plus shipping — or you can pick them up if you’re in Victoria). After we’ve communicated, you can send me your payment via my PayPal link: www.paypal.me/junieswadron

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