chillA Day of Resting Your Heart on the Page with Your Words

June 1st, 2013  Church of Truth

There is a shift taking place on our planet right now. Things are moving faster than we have ever experienced. Most of us are racing against time to get things done, to get things finished, to answer endless emails, invent new ways to pay the bills, take care of aging parents…and the breathless list goes on and on.

Most of us have forgotten that we are human be-ings. Not doings.  For The Love Writing, For the Love of Self  IS a day of pause, a day to go inward and reflect on who we are Be-ing. We will access that extraordinary place within us where infinite wisdom, love and truth reside. We will listen with reverence to our authentic voice and write down what we hear.

It is a day of honouring our sisters and brothers among us, while paying homage to the One within us as we write ourselves Home. .

No prior writing experience is necessary. Even if you think you cannot write, I guarantee you that you can.
I will teach you the only method I know where you needn’t search and strive for the ‘right’ words.  There are no right words or wrong words because the ego is not engaged.
In the silent pause between the words, the muse awaits you as you write yourself Home. 
Full details are below, but first I invite you to accompany me.


An Invitation

Come home with me
to the place where heart meets soul
and soul rejoices as heart dissolves
into the ecstasy of universality
Its only true home
A home that welcomes 
Seekers of truth and change makers, 
Sorcerers and mystics
You and me ready to bear witness 
and lead the way for humanity’s calling 
Come home with me
To a New Age 
Becoming Kings and Queens
Celebrating, Embracing Life
Ending the egoic dream 
Of broken promises 
And arrive in a land where
the word ‘separation’
no longer exists;  cannot exist
Cannot be found in any dictionary 
Erased from memory  
Of all sentient beings
Come Home with me
Let us travel together
Holding hands 
On a pilgrimage where we know
That our words and our hearts 
Our wounds and losses are
Held in sacred holiness
By Grace and Love
And when one is tempted 
To walk away from the path
He or she shall be gently 
Led back Home
Again and Again



Your journal
Your lunch
Your water bottle
Your walking shoes
And abundant expectancy. * Thank You Trish Coleman
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Where: Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street
Regularly $125.00  


(Special payment arrangements available)
For The Love of Writing, For the Love of Self
A day of listening, learning, writing, sharing, insights and fun; a day for me!  Junie’s passion for encouraging the writer in each of us through her invigorating one day workshop (be ready to dance) has rekindled my own energy for putting pen to paper and getting creative.  When did you last take a day, just for you, to finally start to fulfill your own dream of being a writer?  I can’t think of a more wonderful way to begin that journey than to take your first step with a friend and coach – Junie Swadron.   Susan Ney – April 23, 2013
I am still basking in the beauty of your one day retreat. It’s one month later. I am writing into my dreams; and my book is being birthed by the inspiration of this day of magic.   Taaja



Junie Swadron
Your Voice on the Page Becomes Your Voice In The World
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Each Day Is A Gift. 
Live Every Moment As A Thank You Note


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