Well hello! I’m so happy that you took me up on this 7-day challenge to begin the habit of meditation and journaling each day, helping you shift old patterns, beliefs, and ideas. Way to go!

Here is your Finisher’s Prize! 5 Steps to Living Your Love Out Loud.

Download and enjoy! (click these words)

Thanks again for your participation!

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Want to take it further?

Do you want to continue on with this magical combination of meditation and writing and deepen your practice?

With some of the beautiful people you’ve been in this challenge with? And me?

I have a way we can do it!

My signature program, Re-Write Your Life, is the perfect vehicle for this — and I’m offering it to you at half price until May 15th. This is a 10-week self-paced program, but I have decided to JOIN YOU and COACH YOU through the course, on Zoom!

This is a meditation and writing program that allows us to keep the community that we’ve created here alive!

Already over 4,000 people have taken this program, with truly transformational results.

–> For all the information, video testimonials, and registration, follow this link.

You have seen what profound benefits can come from only 30 minutes a day for 7 days. Can you imagine what a 10-week program can do for you that reinforces what you have already started here this week?

When we create community and we’re encouraged to discuss our own feelings and thoughts as we go through the process of meditating and writing — that’s where we are being heard and seen, and acknowledged. We all need that. As a society, so many of us feel isolated and alone with our thoughts and feelings. You, in only one week, have made friends — perhaps sharing in ways you don’t share with anyone else. Some of you have said just that.

So we’ll continue to meet, only this time, on Zoom, where groups of people can connect, see each other live in real time to converse (different from Facebook Live where you couldn’t talk back to me!).

We will meet weekly for 10 weeks, turning this self-study program into a LIVE one, at no extra cost to you.

This doesn’t mean you will need to have completed the course in 10 weeks — but it means we will be together and you will be personally coached by me for whatever you need with respect to where you are right now — always using writing and meditation as the primary tools.

This program, Re-Write Your Life, has 20 meditations in it already — they are auditory writing prompts to enhance the topic you chose to write about.

Check it out and I’ll see you soon!

All blessings,


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