Forever Young


Today, on my morning walk after my interview with Tom Evans on the subject of Re-Write Your Life in Retirement –
where I borrowed the words of my colleague and friend, Dr. Melba Burns, who will soon be releasing her book ” Don’t Retire – REfire! “, I was thinking about our conversation.  Specifically, I was thinking about what my mother had said to me many years ago.
She said, “Junie, you are never old when you are happy.”
I wondered if my mom would be forever young in Heaven. At that very moment I looked up and…
Well, I guess I got my answer!
You can watch my interview with Tom here


Watch for the soon to be released book, Don’t Retire – REfire by Dr. Melba Burns.  

The Re-Write Your Life Support Group is now in development.


I would love to hear from you – what your experiences with retirement or soon to retire are.
Are you moving or have you moved into this phase in your life with grace and ease
or are there or were there challenges, conflicts, uncertainties that came with retirement.
Perhaps it is the first time in countless generations that these question have even been asked.
After the traditional work was over, Retirement it was considered the last frontier.
It is hardly that any more but it’s not something we have been born
 This is why your voice is critical to the conversation.
As I develop my program, I would truly appreciate any comments you have
so I can make my material fully relevant.
Thank you kindly!
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