dancerFor A Magical Day of Creativity

This is a day of Opening To Your Inner Muse and sharing your writings in a sacred circle of trust and delight. We will draw from an inspirational blend of each of my following workshops:

“Write“ Where You Are
A free-flowing writing experience that:

  • Stimulates the imagination!
  • Eliminates Writer’s Block!
  • Offers a fun and easy approach to creative writing!
  • Brings forth personal insights and clarity!

Writing Your Life Stories

An opportunity to write, re-visit and embrace the stories that have made your life rich with meaning. Also reveals the gifts and lessons that each story has come to teach you.

The Artist’s Way Support Group

A process that unleashes your innate creativity, empowers you to express yourself with confidence and generates passion to take the next steps on your creative journey.

Drawing from each of the above workshops, this is a day of writing and sharing your works in a joyous and nurturing sacred circle.

Dear June:
“I am rejoicing because of the gift I gave myself in attending your one-day workshop. I actually broke through my writer’s block which is nothing less than a miracle! I am propelled to continue writing on a regular basis which was what I hoped for when I signed up.
You have created and nurtured our sacred circle with encouragement, kindness, insight, and humour. This class is proof that spirit blossoms when there is safety and acceptance. Thank you, June, for giving us that and all the excellent teaching tools you use.”
Sandy Gordon

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