A Creative, Inspirational, and Transformative Experience

Using the power of the pen, and many other creative modalities, you will transform your life in myriad ways!  

By combining the most pertinent processes and lessons from three of my most popular and successful programs, Re-Write Your Life, The Author Mentorship Program, and Unleash Your Passion, Purpose, and Highest Potential, greater alchemy is at work. You will be guided out of any resistance in order to stand in your own power. You will uncover your unique artistry and creative self-expression and shine your light like never before. Expect astounding results! 

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar!”

~ Helen Keller


With the power of these combined programs, you will:

  • Transform Your Life: Let go of old resentments and regrets, making peace with your past and become excited about the future. Click here to learn more. 
  • Celebrate Your Life Journey: Learn to scribe the adventures of your life, turning lived experiences into books, blogs, essays, and more. Click here to learn more.
  • Ignite Your Imagination: Develop daily gratitude practices, engage your highest levels of imagination, and take inspired actions toward your dreams. Watch this video to learn more. 


✔️Weekly 2-Hour Zoom Calls: All sessions are recorded, so you’ll never miss a class.

✔️Closed Group Setting: A safe, supportive environment to explore and share with fellow participants.

✔️ Weekly Writing: Sharing your writing and process.

✔️ Hot Seat Work: One person at a time on the ‘hot seat’ to address your specific challenges and goals.

✔️ Triggers, “Writer’s Block”, Resistance, or Challenges: All issues will be thoroughly addressed.

✔️ Written Assignments: Offered both in and out of class. The homework is optional but recommended.

✔️ Breakout Rooms: Intimate sharing sessions with small groups.

✔️ Flexible Pacing: Move at your own pace and dive deeper when you’re ready.

✔️ Meditations and Materials: Audio meditations and supplementary materials to enrich your experience.

✔️ Private Facebook Group: Continue to receive and give support, forming lifelong connections.


PART 1:  Summer Series: Tuesday, July 2nd July 3rd* – July 30th (5 weeks)
*New Starting Date: July 3rd (all other days stay the same)

PART 2:  Fall Series: Tuesday, September 10th – October 8th (5 weeks)

Time: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. PST


Taking all three programs would cost more than $4500. However, I am distilling only the best takeaways into a single low-cost program for…


Registration Deadline: July 1st.

“I learned from the writing circles of Junie Swadron and her 21day writing challenge that writing in a group inspires me. It lights me up, I feel the value of my words, and it gives me a structure to write. I signed up for this course, and I can’t wait to get started… And I want to recommend this course to everyone who wants to discover themselves through writing. Because Junie is an amazing teacher who sees the light in your words and is also a therapist who helps you to grow as a person through your writing.”Agnes van der Wooning

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