AUTHOR: Patricia Campbell
and her new book, Never Ever Give Up!

Patricia Campbell is an award-winning, certified transformational coach, inspiring speaker, best-selling author, and a wildly successful entrepreneur at the forefront of the movement for empowering women. 


From a struggling single teenage mom to a self-made millionaire, her extraordinary story of transforming her own life is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach other women it is possible to create lives they absolutely love! Patricias determination and resilience have inspired women for over 20 years, helping them break free and build their dreams

Reaching her breaking point at age 37, Patricia committed to creating the life she dreamed was possible. For the next 30 years, she immersed herself in personal growth and transformation, a journey that led her to study with world-renowned teachers Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, and Dr. Claire Zammit. As a result, she is a certified transformational business and life coach, and workshop facilitator.

Patricia now facilitates programs and workshops for women based on the vast wisdom accumulated over three decades of her dedicated study. Offering a clear, practical blueprint for highly motivated women to become unstoppable, she empowers them to break through invisible obstacles and discover their infinite ability to create richly fulfilling businesses and lives.

On top of her many accomplishments, she is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, a clinical EFT/Tapping relationship coach and practitioner, and has been a Re-Write Your Life coach,  to facilitate healing and transformation. 

Never Ever Give Up!

Define, Design, And Experience A Life You Absolutely Love!

Clarify your vision, unleash your power, and step into your greatness. Turn your wildest possibility into your ultimate reality with a proven blueprint to create results that skyrocket your success.

Never Ever Give Up! shows you how to break free from the invisible barriers that hold you back from creating a life and business you LOVE. Whether you’re longing for something more or feeling stuck, lost, and unclear on how to reach the next level of success and happiness, this book is for you.

Drawing from a blend of timeless, universal laws and success principles, Never Ever Give Up! offers 8 comprehensive keys to ignite your power, outlining practical, actionable steps you can take to manifest a rich, fulfilling life.

Harnessing over three decades of extensive training and experience coaching women to create success, internationally recognized Transformational Coach Patricia Campbell implements her expertise to guide you in creating a purposeful life that honors your calling.

Sharing profound lessons from her personal story of transformation, she shows how it IS possible to step into the life of your dreams! Whether you are starting out, starting over, or ready to break through to the next level, you will find what you need to succeed right here on these pages.

Never Ever Give Up! will empower you to THRIVE!

Facebook: Patricia Campbell Dream Builder Coach | Kelowna BC | Facebook
Instagram: coachpatriciacampbell

Patricia’s Free e-book Gift for you:  Abundance On Your Own Terms 


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