Junie Swadron is an author, psychotherapist, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional writing coach. She has spent the last twenty years guiding thousands of students in writing and sharing their life stories through a deep and powerful process that completely transformed how they experienced their life journey.

Junie has married her psychotherapy skills and book coaching skills into helping writer’s become authors to work with whatever emotional might arise -on the spectrum from resistance to excitement to published author!

She has worked extensively with therapy and the arts since 1989. Junie has an innate ability to tune into the root cause of a situation and bring awareness and clarity to her

Junie Swadron

clients in order for them to make sense of their lives and heal their pain. Junie moved from Toronto in 1998 where she was a clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, certified life skills coach, and worked in private practice as well as at a well-known drug and alcohol facility.

Junie sees the therapeutic process and the creative process as one. “It is about accessing a special place within us where serenity, love, courage and truth reside. It is from this place that we begin to know our true spirit. It is from this place we begin to heal.”

What makes Junie Swadron an extraordinary healer is she knows “both sides of the couch.” Junie was diagnosed with manic-depressive illness at age 19, and has lived with its disturbing challenges for over thirty years. Her personal experiences have taught her coping strategies for choosing health and wellness again and again. She likes to say, “My illness keeps me humble, grateful, and resourceful.” She brings to her clients great compassion and joy knowing that underneath all the labels, judgments and fear, we are all doing our very best. In a sentence, Junie offers hope to what often feels inconsolable, along with take-home tools that bring peace of mind, strength and joy back into the lives of her clients.

One of the most important messages that Junie Swadron delivers is about being true to oneself—about finding your voice no matter what. No matter when and how you may have lost it. And then learn to use your voice in ways that honour who you are. Dare to speak your truth. Be willing to stand tall now. You matter. So much. So very much. Be brave. Be bold. Be true.

In Junie’s own words… What’s Your Story?

I’m Junie Swadron and I am known for helping coach people like you to honour the journeys they’ve walked, the unique paths that have led them to who they are today. I am fascinated by the stories that make up a person’s life. And even though you and I may have never met, I am sincere when I ask you, What’s Your Story?

You see, ever since I was a teenager and throughout my life, people have told me their stories. Personal ones. Often it was from strangers. Then they would say, “I’ve never told another living soul that!” They seemed surprised. Frankly, I was too. However, over time, when enough people were doing it, it became no surprise at all. It seemed quite natural. And I think i might know the reason. I naturally feel inside my own body another person’s joy and pain. And I have always shown my sincere interest and listen with reverence when people share their sacred stories with me. I consider it an honour and a privilege.

I learned at a young age how important our stories are as they not only reflect the life journey we are on, they also reflect the things that have shaped us, the choices we made from the myriad choices we could have made. Why did we choose this path over that one and what inspires us to move in the directions we do? It is complex and there are so many reasons.

It was my natural curiosity and ability to see and hear what isn’t always obvious to another. That is what brought me to the work I do as (both) a psychotherapist, coach and workshop facilitator. My greatest joy is to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. For some it could simply mean dreams of today.

When a person is afraid and lives with anxiety or depression, just walking outside their front door could be a huge triumph. In my counseling practice I teach practical tools that bring foster hope and confidence. Many of my clients transform the pain of their past and wish to write about their success. As a writing mentor, I guide them to find their voice on the page which eventually becomes their voice in the world both in their communication with others and through books they write and publish.

If you are looking to have someone listen to you with an open heart, acknowledge and help you re- discover your unique talents and abilities, I wholeheartedly extend my hand to you. Whether you are looking for a psychotherapist, a life coach, someone to mentor you as you write your book or have a dynamic workshop experience, I am here waiting for you. So tell me, What’s Your Story?

Junie currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia and enjoys her humble home by the sea.

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