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Your Life Matters! Learn to Write Your Memoir in 8 Easy Steps

Do you want to write your memoir but don’t know where to begin?

Are you recently retired from a career that has given meaning and purpose to your life? No matter what your age, you know you have important stories to tell.

You get excited about the thought of writing your memoir and what has become significant to you over the years, but then, a voice inside your head stops you cold, saying things like, “Who would read it? What could I possibly teach others? Besides, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.”

Start with my gift to you, a FREE digital download of my latest book, Your Life Matters! Get your copy here:

Download Junie’s lastest book, Your Life Matters, and: 

  • Achieve your life-long dream of writing your memoir
  • Bust through your blocks and write with confidence and ease with 8 easy steps
  • Free yourself from your painful past at last by unleashing your authentic voice
  • Allow the hard lessons life has given you to become your greatest gifts
  • Realize the wisdom you have attained over your lifetime to inspire others

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Re-Write to Re-Ignite Your Life, online course by Junie Swadron
Take my self-directed online program and transform you life!

Imagine waking up each morning, full of grace and optimism, relieved of what you once felt were insurmountable burdens. This is what you can look forward to as you write your stories with an attitude that your healing journey is simply non-negotiable. You are ready to live with peace and harmony and that is when big magic happens.

I have had the joy of watching thousands of students’ lives transform in miraculous ways by using the unique processes based on 20 years of teaching this method in my Re-Write Your Life workshops as well as in my psychotherapy practice. I have watched them move on to live joyful, meaningful, and fulfilled lives in spite of their history. And you can be one of them.

That’s what this course is all about. It’s about choosing to take the high road that leads you to personal peace, happiness and freedom. It is my greatest honour to provide a road map for you to learn what I learned many years ago. Simply put — how do we stop the pain? How do we find solace in a heart that has broken a million times? Where do we go from here? Learn more and enroll in the course here.

Are you writing a book?

Are you ready to show the world how it’s done — how you do it?

  • You’re a successful, innovative, creative Entrepreneur, Business Leader or Coach!
  • You have a vision of a proven System for Success in your professional field that you want to share with others!
  • You want to make a difference in the world with your expertise, wisdom, and brilliance!
  • Your book is your calling card! Your book is your ticket to countless people worldwide, no matter where you’re showing it off…on your website, social media, speaking engagements, or on the New York Times Best Sellers List!

I’m Junie Swadron, Author, International Speaker, Psychotherapist, Playwright. I work with beginners, seasoned writers and already published authors. I coach people wherever they are on the continuum of writing their book.

Helping you to become a recognized and sought after author is my true calling. It’s a privilege to walk beside another soul who chooses to bring his or her ideas off the page and into the world.

I look forward to the journey of your success — let’s talk! Email me or book a time in my calendar for your 30-minute complimentary session.

Why work with Junie?

Junie Swadron is a successfully published author of three acclaimed books, Re-Write Your Life, Write Where You Are and Colour Your Dreams Come True , she is the creator of her online Re-Write Your Life signature program, and the author, actor, and producer of the hit play, Madness, Masks and Miracles.

Junie has over 25 years experience as an international speaker, workshop facilitator, professional writing coach, author, playwright and psychotherapist.

She has guided thousands of students and clients through her unique book writing process that completely transformed how they experience their life journey. Her hands-on personal coaching and passion for her work will bring you more success, leverage, and credibility to your world both personally and professionally.

Writing your book is a huge endeavour

I know what this journey is and I want to share my expertise with you to help you stay focused and motivated, move through your writer’s block and reach your publishing and marketing goals.  

 When I published my play and my books, people asked me:

“Was it a labour of love?”

Take out the word labour; it was pure love!

And a lot of dedication, commitment and courage; and I didn’t do it alone. Neither will you.

What to expect

I have created a comprehensive questionnaire that’s designed for you to reflect on your goals for your book along with writing exercises to provoke an even deeper reflection, leading to greater clarity as well as joy and enthusiasm.

Your answers to the thought-provoking questions will be our starting point for our discussion of your unique needs for your writing journey and be our springboard for the plan we create for you.

  • Honest and critical feedback on the flow of your work, content, structure
  • Help and guidance if you experience overload, writer’s block or any of the other personal things that come up with the process of book writing
  • On-going exercises and assignments to help you stay focused and clear about your goals and aspirations

I look forward to the journey of your success — let’s talk! Email me at 

Or book a time in my calendar for your 30-minute complimentary session.

Your soul meets you on the page and something shifts. You strengthen. You begin to stand taller.

Then one day you begin to notice that your voice on the page has become your voice in the world.”
—Junie Swadron

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Are you ready to Re-Write Your Story?

Get started with 2 inspirational FREE guided meditations by Junie Swadron and stay in touch to learn more about our upcoming workshops and events.

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Are you ready to Re-Write Your Story?

Get started with 2 inspirational FREE guided meditations by Junie Swadron and stay in touch to learn more about our upcoming workshops and events.

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