Thank you so much for visiting me here. Please take your time exploring my website and see if what I offer resonates with you. If so, I extend my hand to you to have a conversation and discuss how I can support you.

These pages describe a glimpse of some of the passions that I have held dear to me for over 3 decades and chose as my life’s work. Actually, in most cases, they chose me!

Writing became my favourite pastime from the time I was a small child. You could often find me buried in the pages of my journal, writing down my feelings or making up stories from my imagination.

Who knew back then that those little diaries with their little locks and keys would become my safe place – that they would unlock my voice – the one I was too scared to use in the outside world – to eventually become the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

This site is based on what I learned from those early days and what my students have been teaching me ever since. I sum it up in these words:

“The sweet whisperings of your soul meets you on the page, and something shifts.
You strengthen, you begin to stand taller.
Then one day, you begin to notice that
your voice on the page
has become your voice in the world.”

This is the foundation of the contributions I have offered to those seeking my services both as a writing coach and a psychotherapist. It has also been a springboard to my absolute love for creative expression of any kind.

In fact, I see the creative process and the therapeutic process as one. It is about accessing a special place within us where serenity, love, courage, and truth reside. It is from this place that we begin to know our true spirit. It is from this place we begin to heal.

As well, we humans are creative beings with an impulse to create, and when that creative impulse shuts down or dies, something deep inside of us dies too.

For me, helping others to find their creative genius is a natural impulse. I say, “What is your passion?” And if they don’t know, they will soon. I guarantee it!


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  • “Thanks again for a wonderful writing course. This is my third and I’ve loved every minute of it. Your encouragement pepped me up and even when I did not like my own writing as much, you would find something positive to say about it. I treasured that and felt safe. Whenever I write in my journal I’ll be thinking of you!”Marya Nihland

  • “The gift you have given me, and each of us gathered here, June, is that of community. Spirit, creativity, awareness, reflection, silence, love—for each of these, and your guiding star presence, June, I give thanks.”Judy McIlmoyl

  • “It was really good for me to have a place to express myself in writing—to do the actual writing itself and sharing it with the others. You are right, writing has the ability to heal.”Dre Lavack

  • “It truly has been a sacred circle, to be able to go so deep within myself to places that often hurt, to clear the pain and move further into my healing and also to go deep within to revel in my blessings. Then to be witnessed and to witness the others. What a privilege!”Rae Bilash

  • “One of the great things about your workshop, June, is that it has given me a safe place to open some mental boxes that I’d been sitting on for years and allowed me to give everything a good tidy. The act of writing things out was liberating and illuminating.”Sharon Pocock

  • “I deeply appreciate the way June encourages her students to be comfortable and fearless at the same time. I found that I could go further than I’d expected in my writing, and this course inspired me to continue to work at this craft. I hope to take more courses with June in the future!”Melanie Cook

  • “This course has given me the opportunity to revisit experiences of joy and pain and to eventually and gradually realize the deep sacred gift of each person and of each experience in my life. And also to take responsibility for all of the reflections of myself these people and experiences have been. Thank you for providing such a healing, safe space to reveal what has been so difficult to express even in private before.”Rosemary Anderson

  • “I wasn’t prepared for what happened in your writing class. I wasn’t prepared for you. Somehow, through your gentleness, caring and warmth, together with your knowledge and skills, you have created a space where I can feel safe and begin to tell my story in ways not before available to me. Your commitment and total belief in the process, little by little, removed my blocks and barriers to new awareness. Writing, once my survival tool, has now become a gift to be honoured and cherished.”Anna Danylchuk

  • “Thank you for your wonderful writing workshop. It truly helped me to see just how much writing has the ability to clarify, to heal and to comfort. I have loved your wit, your gentle nature, your subtle probing and loving guidance.”Sasha Collins

  • “Who knew that when I embarked on this part of my healing journey ten weeks ago that I would actually be grateful to dredge up the past—but I am. I finally feel freer than I have in a long time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.”Michelle Lamb

  • “Your course, “Sacred Stories”, was a real healing time for me. I have to say that it wasn’t all that easy for me and I felt like quitting a few times when I was remembering some of my painful past. But I didn’t quit. Your gentle encouragement helped me stay with it and I am so grateful I did. I can see the gifts in the stories and also how much I have grown. Thank you.”Julie Watier

  • “At first I was not really sure about this workshop but in the end I am happy to have been a part of it. Thank you for opening your home and heart to us. You provided a safe environment and encouraged us—no judgments, but truths. You helped me to believe that I have a story and that it is worth writing down—especially because of the healing that it has brought me. In your sharing it shows how courageous and strong you have been on your journey and that overflowed during our time together. Blessings to you.”Wendy Kenny

  • “Each week you set the tone for healing and loving work. I showed up like a drenched cat, desperate for hope in the latter weeks. And you were there—with kind eyes, with thoughtful words and hope that is real with listening that I have rarely seen in any setting. I hear the Creator and your soul speaking to me and I am so filled with gratitude. You held in there beyond our fears, beyond our resistance, beyond our wanting to hide out. Your determination to be there and not give up on us, on me—is so honourable and loving. You didn’t have to do this. You chose to and I am so lucky.”Laura Lane

  • “June Swadron changed my life. Her course, “Sacred Stories, Celebrating Your Life Journey” offered me the opportunity to look at my life compassionately. June is a wonderful, caring Being and Teacher.”Jaia Friesen

  • “I believe June Swadron has the rare gift of originality, both in her work, her teaching methods and her way of life. In her classes, I was able to dust off my cobwebbed imagination and confidence, oil my rusted brain and actually share ALOUD what I had written! An almost otherworldly depth arose for me—high quality fertilizer for my parched mind, heart and soul. I thank you, June, for being a kind and determined angel of art, supporting the best in us all.”Julia Jirik

  • “June, I can’t even begin to tell you how much my life has been enriched by taking your two courses. I didn’t think that you could improve on “The Artist’s Way” but somehow you did it. Doing “The Stories of Our Lives” helped me to see my life from a whole new perspective. Who says I don’t have an interesting life!”Taylore Co

  • “I was especially struck by the events that followed the imagery focused on ‘forgiveness’. Not only did I receive a special inspiration during our session, but also I was able to carry that over in my daily life. I feel that an important event has happened to me while participating in your class, and that the effect isn’t limited to that space, but like a seed, has started to take root and grow.”Fiesta de Vries

  • “June gave me permission, skills and encouragement to take feelings to thoughts and thoughts to words. My life stories were eddying about. Writing them has opened new spaces inside me and opened the doors and windows on my creativity.” Christie Eng

  • “Taking June Swadron’s writing workshop was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. She tapped into my persona by recognizing and nurturing my insecurities as a writer. She was the mid-wife who birthed my writing voice through skill, guidance and inspiration. June was the inkwell who fed my inner pen. My stories blossomed and matured under her expert eye. I am grateful for such commitment, honesty and integrity…and for helping me to find my voice on paper.”Ange Frymire

I would like to offer you a poem and a song that are two examples of my creative expression that I hope will inspire you.

We are living in turbulent, unprecedented times.  These are also beautiful times when we choose to see and experience them. Whatever we focus on grows bigger within us. In fact, it becomes us.  It becomes ingrained in what we believe and think and inspires the actions we take.   We are motivated by fear or by love. Let us focus on all the beauty that is right here, right now. Let us be a shining example of love!

You can talk about yesterday or talk about tomorrow
You can talk about the falling dollar, talk about your sorrow
You can talk about chemicals and how they’re poisoning the earth
You can talk about how bad it is and how it’s getting worse

Or you can take this moment and softly close your eyes
Breathe a breath from deep within and do not compromise
Take another and then another and in the stillness feel
The wonder of this moment – can this too be real

Stay within the silence and notice what you hear
Listen with your heart and watch your fears all disappear
For in this very moment, a miracle is due
If you listen with your heart there will be a message just for you.

A child is being born right now; can you hear the sound of life
In a little church just down the way, vows are being made as man and wife
Somewhere on a hilltop, a traveler has found her way
And the dew upon the morning grass has welcomed a brand new day

Stay within this moment, for the miracle is here
There’s nothing that you need to do, nothing but be sincere
Life is bursting forth in every breath, and in the stillness find
A place to love, a place to join with every heart and mind

Rejoice, for in this moment, you can send blessings near and far
Rejoice, for in this moment, you are a living star
And every time you feel afraid and wonder what to do
Come back to this one moment and know the miracle is you!


Because of the unprecedented uncertainty and fear flooding the earth, people’s tolerance for stress has lowered their ability to be resilient. This imbalance has caused mental health challenges to increase exponentially and in staggering numbers across the planet.

The following is a song that my husband, David Halliwell, and I composed to help normalize how mental illness is viewed in our society and for each of us to embrace each other as one human family.

Let us extend greater compassion, patience, and understanding to those who are suffering.  Let us see the innocence and goodness at the heart of every living soul.

This music video was produced by Lisa Hope – On The Rock Media.

Be sure to turn up the volume and get ready to dance! Because It’s A Brand New Day!

And if you like it, please share it to spread the message and the joy!

Once again, if you are inspired, curious, or simply want to know more about my offerings, I am sincerely reaching out my hand and my heart to you. This is my invitation to book a complimentary discovery call with me today.   I will listen deeply and respectfully to what you are seeking and do my best to offer the best of me in return. Sometimes just having a kind, sincere and attentive listening ear is enough.

All love and blessings,

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